Seeking any advice or opinion on "the driving list" for teamsters 104

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    My husband is going on 6 yrs with UPS in Aug. He has been on this very mysterious driving list since he got hired. About 2 yrs ago we transferred to a hub about an hour away. It is very small compared to where he was originally hired. Since the transfer he has been trained to do pretty much every job in the building. He has been double shifting since November. He recently found out that another employee with less sonority was promoted to cover drive ahead of him. The center manager likes my husband right where he is due to the fact that he does anything asked of him. He really wants to show dedication to the company. A few months ago my husband filed a grievance on the matter and we have not heard anything still. Since this grievance was filled the center manager told my husband two separate times he was going to get him into the driving class only to later come to him and say sorry I could not get you in???? This man is harassing him so bad it kills me because there is nothing I can do. This man is a snake that is for sure. HELP!
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    When your husband transferred he lost his building seniority and had to start over back at the bottom. Does this other driver have more building seniority than your husband?
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    Is say in the teamsters aggrement that senority is base upon your hire date. See that is what this center manager was trying to pull but I have been throught that book with a fine tooth comb and as far as driving goes its listed on company senority not building. I have even contacted the vice president of 104 and he told me that the list is based on company not building. But hey the "kid" that got promoted does have a father that drives there and is about to retire. Tell me something fishy is not going on. I mean isn't the union supposed to protect from this crap?
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    Seeking any advice or opinion on "the driving list" for teamsters 104

    I would file again stating that the grievance wasn't handled in a timely manner. However unless it was an educational transfer he went to the bottom of the list when he transferred. I know it's frustrating but he may just have to wait until he has enough seniority. Driving is based on your building seniority otherwise people would transfer wherever they could get a driving job. Surely u see how this would be unfair.
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    It was infact an educational transfer. Another thing is they are calling in drivers from another center because they need the help. This guy has is out for my husband. If he is cover driving who else will double shift. No body is willing. My husband goes to work for 3:30am-9:30am and then back to work for 6pm-10pm. He is busting his butt trying to support us and this guy has our future sitting in his hands. We are a family of 7. We really need this.
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    I thought he transferred to go to school to get a better job to support his family. Not to move to a building with a shorter driver list wait time.

    Bidding is going to go by building seniority unless the people in the new building are on the same seniority list as the people in the building that your husband started at UPS. Thus for bidding purpose only your husband seniority date at his new building would be the first day he started working at the new building. If he moved back to the original building he started working at his seniority date would be the first day he started working at UPS.

    Also your husband would need to sign the driving list in the new building a be put on the list.
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    My husband had signed up for school and the trandfer to be closer to his daughter from previous relations. He wants to be a driver. Even though management sucks here he enjoys working for UPS and the benifits are great. So basically what your saying is that UPS does not abide by the teamsters aggrement and the vice president of 104 is not being honest either? Wow we are really in bad shape. What I pray happens is that the grievance is granted and he recieves loss of pay and the promotion he deserves. This is not a cry baby thing. What we want is what is fair and what the rule books say. There is no reason it should be any other way.
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    Oh and about the building with the shorter list wait time. We have been told if he would have stayed in the city we came from he would have already been driving.
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    So you're saying he was granted an educational transfer, lost his building seniority and you don't understand why this slotted him below the guy with LESS company seniority but MORE building seniority? Do I understand this correctly?
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    When an employee switches to a different building voluntarily, their seniority is end-tailed - they keep all accrued vacation time/benefits/years of service, et cetera but are put at the bottom of the building seniority list. Seniority is only dove-tailed if they're a driver and following work that's been moved to a different hub.

    It's a pretty lousy situation, but we've got guys at over 15+ years in my building that haven't been able to go full time yet. This is a company-wide problem.
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    Correct. In the union aggrement it states that driving is based on company senority. If anybody can find otherwise in the book please tell me a page number. If it indeed were based on building why would you be asked to pick three hubs in oder of where you want most being number one?
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    Forgot to mention that center manager refused to show the "driver list" or have it publically posed until after my husband filed his grievance. When it was finally posted sure enough my husbands name was before the other guy???
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    There is not necessarily a "driver list."

    These details are in the supplements to the contract. Some buildings have driver lists (mine did in previous contracts). And some put up a bid sheet when a new driver spot opens up (like mine does currently).
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    Did he move within the local? Meaning is it the practice that you am move within the local and keep your senority? Did he lose senority or did he dove tail in??
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    He did move within the local.
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    You need to contact Business Agent Mike C********* or Secretary Treasurer Andy M***** at Teamsters Local 104: 602-272-5561.
    All of the information that has been given here is incorrect for your local package rider.
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    Sounds like you need to get a job as a ba within the seem to know the contract better than many upsers...including your husband. This is not a slam...we need more people like ever think about working here????
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    What ever happened with this situation??
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    Wife kicked him to the curb cause he couldn't get that FT gig that he was telling her he was about to get?