Selling Stock Is Much Harder Than It Should Be 🤡👎🏼


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When I retired, I rolled my 401 into an IRA, and my UPS Class A was converted into Class B. I initially bought 144 shares for $25 a share when they did away with the Thrift Plan. That $3600 investment is now worth $30K in stock and I re-invested my dividends in mutual funds instead of UPS stock, those are now worth $21K. So that original $3600 turned into $51K, that's why you buy company stock.


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They do make it a pain if you have less than 100 shares and restrictions. I sold some off last year. I still buy some but the price has gone up for ups stock it’s not as great as it used to be .


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other than the delay selling a few shares is not a big hassle to me

i keep almost no UPS stock because it's a loser compared to my other investments


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Last time I sold any stock, a little less than 10 years ago I believe, it was amazingly simple and I was able to do it on my phone and within minutes. And I only had about 16 shares. Now I want to sell 8 (or transfer them to a brokerage account) and have to fill out forms that also have to be notarized. Then mail them off either through snail mail or UPS next Day air.

I just got off the phone with Computershare to see if there was a quicker way and the rep said this was how UPS wanted it now. What a bunch of BS. I’ve already shut off contributions and can’t wait to get what’s left of it moved out of their hands. Which will take a while. The 5% discount is not worth this hassle. Leave it to UPS to completely screwed up a good thing.
Yeah once my crypto pans out and I quit there is a good chance I won't even bother recovering my ups shares