Selling uniforms



HAd a driver in the next center over last month get fired for selling a shirt on Ebay. It was upheld by a unanimously at the panel.

Hard to believe that there are stupid ones out there but they are.

Another one was fooling around on his wife with a customer. When he wouldnt leave his wife for the other woman, she set up a hidden camera and when the driver showed up, .......well how do I put this without getting censored by Cheryl......she wanted to have him perform a solo sex act for her. HE did, and it was all caught it all on tape. Heard he wanted to take it to the panel. But now he's gone too. Dont know about his wife.

Oh and a postscript on the driver that walked off the job back 10 weeks or so, he is on suspended until may 1st, at which time he must sign an agreement that states any more actions like that will result in him signing a clearance form. He must also give a PCM detailing what he did wrong, and that the company gave him his job back(which is the truth, cause the union didnt have a leg to stand on.)



I saw a circle of honor jacket on e-bay. Must be hard up for money because he earned that honor and should have been proud of it.