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    Vacations should be bid on company time. As long as you are working for the company you are building a job for those that are hired later. They reap the benefits of the struggles that have been over come in the past and as new ones are faced they will be part of them for those that are hired after them.
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    Vacation time (weeks) is based on company time. Vacation selection is based on classification seniority. There are 3 drivers with more company time who have less seniority than I----are you saying I should bid my vacations after them?
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    Company time comes first on vacations, route or run is bid by classification seniority, or this is how it should be.
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    The total of vacation time is based on company hire date. When you get to take them is selected by job classification seniority date.
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    what article can I find this in?
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    I'm home and don't have my contract book with me but this has how it's been in local 705 since I started 27 years ago.