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  1. thatdoesntgohere

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    At my hub, they recently put up a bid sheet for a "Service Provider." Is this the official term for a package car driver? The bid sheets for a route are usually only available to full-time employees, but this one is open to part-timers as well. I looked around on the UPS Careers website and on browncafe, but I can't find a clear job description for this position. If anyone knows what it is or can steer me to the right site or webpage that explains the position, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. MR_Vengeance

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    yes it's the list for drivers.
  3. scratch

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    I hate that name, its not discriptive enough. Thats like a sales clerk being called a sales associate or assistant manager. I am a "Package Driver".
  4. trplnkl

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    ummmmm, how about asking the person that put up the bid list?
  5. rod

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    You could end up cleaning bathrooms . That is a much needed "service" at most centers. Just watch out for any toe tapping under the stalls:happy2:
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    I'm a UPS man.
  7. scratch

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    I go by that in civilian life! I'm a Package Driver at work.:happy-very:
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Somewhere, someone thought that the title "Service Provider" would sound better than UPS driver, much the same as the garbage man is now called a "Sanitation Engineer", a janitor is called a "Custodial Engineer", etc. My customers call me UPS Dave and that's just fine with me.
  9. jds4lunch

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    You forgot to mention "Petroleum Distribution Technition".
  10. dannyboy

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    Yes, technically, a service provider is a driver. That was changed in the 80's I think, when UPS had a focus on the customer and the service we offered them.

    I still think that one sup said it best when answering the phone "united partial service"

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    i like to think of myself as just another number in the myriad of brown.
    so in that context i often wonder what number i would look like. maybe 67.3 or maybe 9.678

    either way im subtracted just as easily as i am added. never have been divided only mulitplied once(so far haha)