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  1. hay_david23

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    Hello guys !!

    Guys I went to orientation two weeks ago, and nothing as far as going out and actually work. Do you guys have any ideas regarding this obnoxious delay?


    Happy Holidays
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    Depends, how tall are you?
  3. AssistantSanta

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    I started mid-november, but they're still hiring according to UPS job site. One guy at orientation said he can't start until december, because of school schedule. He was told to put down the start date, but was also warned he may only get called to fill for no-show/called in sick helpers.

    I'm guessing they hire more on-call helpers than number of seats so they have a reserve pool.

    I started a few days after orientation and I've been working every day, and usually at the same time. My hours have been 4-10 hours, but its usually been 5-7 hrs. I think it does help that I've never missed and never been late.

    if I was to say quit tomorrow, I think they tap into reserve.
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    I seen the newbie people coming in this season. I work inside, loading and sorting. They have good personalities and are willing to work hard. HR at UPS are flooded with hundreds of applications. They are picking only the best to hire. Most of newbies I have seen are trying hard to get in after peak, because of the Cadillac bennies promised if they last 6 months.The numbers are against them. They might keep 2 or 3 out of 25 on my shift.
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    Thanks guys !