should I stay or should I go now? Would you stay here for the money?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gotbrown, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. gotbrown

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    Here it is.. Just would like some different points of view/ perspective I've been a casual for 4yrs in that time Ive been trying to be a cop...I now have that choice to be hired as a cop.. And my sup dosent want to see me leave and has told me the next hire and I'm in.. there has been alot of movement this year and very well could be in before August..I know they all lie,, but I trust him, so for argument sake let say these are the choices...I quit and be a cop less pay 25 and out ,,,or Stay on and make the money...If you had to do it all over would you trade your what you have now for a good job to make less money..I like the job (ups) just thinking long term whats better save my body make ok money and live.. Or be sore and run down for the next 25- 30 yrs....
  2. UPS Preloader

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    Your Sup is lying to you. He cannot make that guarantee. Unless they are due for an outside hire, seniority will dictate who gets the job.
  3. gotbrown

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    yea I know like I said lets just say this is the way it is, they already went through 12 guys from the inside,.. and there are positions up for bid beacause of various reasons, 4 in the last 2 weeks .. so it more than likely true.. Let put it a different way hypothetically I have been offered both now... stay or go
  4. Gumby

    Gumby *

    25 to 30 years of this job will beat you up. But at the same time most of us don't get shot at!!!
  5. ikoi62

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    GO...nobody can keep a promise at Ups. especially a preload supervisor.
  6. ikoi62

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    ​speak for your self
  7. balland chain

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    I had a choice when I started UPS, and I wish I could go back to that day. A friend of mine is a cop.. He has been a cop as long as I have been at UPS. He has worked his way up to captain, and is very happy with his job.. He does have stressful days as we all do. He will get a better pension than I will, he will get insurance as well. I am not saying I would have become a cop, that is just not my thing.. I can say, that with how things are at UPS, the physical work and mental games played, and as stated above, your sup can not guarantee anything (another LIE), I would quit UPS, and become a police officer.. With any job there are good days and bad days, but when I talk to my friend, and we are talking about work, he is shocked when he hears what I tell him about UPS and how they treat us..You will have much more opportunities as a police officer, and not be treated like a piece of crap. You will also have a pension that is better than ours.. I would go for it..I predict that with in 10 years UPS will have, or will be in the process of converting as many jobs as possible to part time..
  8. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    Go be a police officer. I should have done it 26 years ago.
  9. ikoi62

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    i have a few friends that were cops and firemen and also worked at ups..not one of them miss UPS at all..the cops make extra money by doing jobs in blue(sidejobs). the firemen make a great amount of money and work 4 on 3 off.
  10. Monkey Butt

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    Desire and hope do not make it true.

    That is possible

    UPS is about making money ... there is little about UPS that is fulfilling.

    Your desire to become a policeman reflects a passion and a dream.

    ​Your financial needs will be fulfilled in either position ... just not as many toys or nice of toys.

    I think that is what Dragon is expressing ...
  11. gotbrown

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    just to clarify I am a casual driver work 6 months a year waiting to be the one hire from the outside..
  12. Bad Gas!

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    What is plan C? You can make UPS work with patience. I couldn't do my 33plus years over again because they don't let you in full time for 10 years sometimes.I couldn't be a cop because I don't have that in me. How about a fireman or an astronaut while your at it..Dream big young man!
  13. gotbrown

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    I'm pretty sure i know what I'm going to do,, its just hard to think to give up the cash,, to do what I want..does money equal happiness? I will live within my means either way,,just thinking about maybe a newer car, bigger house things for the kids....
  14. trickpony1

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    Talk to a member by the name of "Upstate".
    One of his more memorable quotes was, in effect, "some of the happiest people I know don't have a pot to piss in."
    Maybe he knows something we don't.......
  15. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Like Hoax pointed out,being a cop holds much more prestige not only socially,but professionally.
    You will be treated fairly if you work as trained.

    As far as money goes,you can always do some OT playing traffic cop, security at concerts or
    the many other possibilities that arise.

    Your call UPS,no respect,Policeman,respect.

    Book him Danno!
  16. Anonymous 10

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    See ya ups
  17. oldupsman

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    Just from reading your posts here it sounds like you would make a fine officer. Starting at UPS now is not the same as 20 years ago.
    Don't let the money influence your decision. Heck it's going to 4 years to make top rate anyway, if not longer. And the promised raises
    of the next 5 years could very well be moved to cover pension and health care costs anyway. Follow your passion.
  18. toonertoo

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    Being a cop can be dangerous, as I am sure you know. It might be less so in Mayberry rfd, than in LA.
    You will get no respect from UPS, except for the people who will respect you, your customers.
    The money is not all that great when you weigh it against what you lose. If, If only I had the chance to go back, I would have taken the accounting job, which by now I would be retired from, and only my fingers and my mind would be numb, instead of my whole body wracked in pain daily, and my weekends I sleep it off.
    Its a tough choice when you are presented it.
    But a youngster 45 told me how he felt on the weekends. Today he told me. And Im like well I feel better, since Im 55 and I thought it was just me.
    Im looking to get out, seriously tho, no one wants a mid age person who can lift heavy things. Pick your poison.
  19. PT Stewie

    PT Stewie "Big Fella"

    Be a cop my daughter and her husband are cops pay is better here for police (Northeast) ,benefits are the same ,pension is good 25 and out, The shift work sucks.And no one respects you anymore kinda like UPS.Brown or Blue ? Pick Blue
  20. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    I disagree. UPS people are well respected.