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    I am in a small satellite center where we do everything! We unload the plane, sometimes multiple, with no beltloadeor or rollers, and the bottom of plane is eye level, hand scan everything, load trucks, sort, deliver 12 to 15 sporh, and process all outbound, damages, and anything else that needs to be done in the center.

    4 years ago I tore up my left shoulder after writing up a sticking door on my vehicle do 7 months. It took me a year to recover and get back to work. At that time we were begging for a beltloader and was told "we'll see".

    They sent a load stand.

    2 years later on a frozen tarmac, with 50 mph winds and blowing snow, I was knocked off of it while off loading a 45 lb box. Thank goodness I wasn't hurt at that time but I refuse to use it anymore.

    I am now on TAW for an injury with my right shoulder. This is caused by repetitive motion of off loading the planes, and all the other things us drivers do everyday. I don't think it's as severe as my last injury because I've reported it before it got too bad. I'm just hoping it won't take me another year to recover!

    Please let me know about any shoulder injuries and the cause of them.

    BTW still no beltloader, we were told "No"
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    That sux!

    Hope your shoulder gets better.
  3. joeboodog

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    My sympathies. This job will get to you both mentally and physically. I hope your shoulder gets all the care you need.
  4. Follow all your doctors orders. Hope you feel better. I am a very strong believer in icing things that hurt. It really helps.
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    Ice and motrin.....happy hour for us old guys.
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    Ice after injury. Heat after surgery? Isn't that how it goes?
  7. joeboodog

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    Believe me. Ice after surgery as well. Ice and stronger pain pills.
  8. oldngray

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    Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
    Ice first 24 hours then heat.
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    Yes you are correct I actually was thinking heat more after therapy.
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    I'm being very aggressive with this injury. Called in the injury last Thursday, saw Dr that afternoon, first PT Fri 8am, second PT Monday 9am with 2 weeks of PT scheduled before next Dr appt.
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    Bummer news! Just got the MRI results back & I have 2 tears,1 in cuff & 1 in ligament sooo off to surgery I go!
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    As long as its a work related injury and its all documented your in good shape.
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    Lawyer up before you go under the knife. Good luck
  14. AKupser

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    Yep, sure is. Just sucks having to go through this again!