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    I am truly amazed, at how a few inches of snow literally "shut down," Georgia and Alabama.

    After speaking with a fellow coworker, he is still worried about going in tonight. Although a few lanes are open on the expressway, there are abandoned cars everywhere and it will be in the teens, again tonight (more black ice).

    Since I've never experienced this, does FedEx pay you for those days missed?

    Do you have to use up your "V.D or P.H." days?

    Is there a difference if management calls you, to stay home (as far as pay)?

    What if you report in?
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    Unless told otherwise by mgmt, (extreemly rare), You are expected to come to work and be on time. Don't show and you will be charged a PB day.
    I have seen them ease up for clocking in late on days like this but that's about it.
    I have never heard of mgmt calling employees telling them not to come in.
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    FedEx will never pay you for a snow day. The old saying "When it's slick, call-in sick" makes sense, because if you do go in, you'll probably get extra stops from those who didn't show, the freight will be late, and any accidents will almost always be your fault. Why be dedicated? They could care less about you.
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    Yes if you work you get paid. If you don't work be expected to use any sort of PTO.

    The most vague yet commonly used statement used by my managers is "use your judgment" if your judgement leads you sliding through a red light you will be slid right under a moving bus by management. Your manager will always take corporates side.
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    That statement blows my mind. "Use your best judgement" Your best judgement would be to call in sick. If you have an accident and your manager knows just how bad the roads are, he or she will turn their heads and still write you up. JCIS "just call in sick"
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    Baby we all get bracelets. WWFD.
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    Yes that would stand for What Would Fred Do