so how should performance issues be handled?

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    I have read many posts such diverse topics as 3 day rides, telematics, intimidation, time studies, sporh lock in meetings etc, etc, etc... All these address the same issue - Call it methods, fair days work, honesty in employment services etc, etc - But it boils down to performance of duties in an efficient and employer prescribed manner. Notwithstanding the obvious unscientific nature of time studies , 3 days rides, telematics etc - we all know there are drivers that can do better (in a reasonable and fair days fashion) and will not do so until they are discovered or pressured or possbily threatened and even intimidated. I am not talking about the 30 year guy who is just plain slower these days - I am talking about otherwise capable drivers who consciously choose not to use methods (or performance based methods anyway) - or consciously add plan to their day or take excess personal time. In my center this is maybe 10 percent of drivers. All I hear on these posts is that these tools are unfair or misused- I don't doubt that in many cases they are....But what tool or in what manner should these drivers be addressed?

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    The tools already exist to deal with drivers who refuse to follow methods or who steal time.

    Unfortunately, the company has a long history of convenienetly overlooking methods violations committed by those who skip their lunch, work at an unsafe pace, and cut corners in order to make their management team look better on paper.

    The disciplinary process is instead arbitrarily enforced only upon those who fail to meet the ridiculous expectations imposed by I.E.

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    +1 Nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will also add to the disciplinary process the people that stick up for themselves or the people they just plain dont like. For instance driver A whom they dont like gets fired for failing to drop one of his NDAs to make the plane so he gets a termination letter and driver B misses 2 and has no discipline because hes a gunner. By the way this is a real situation and neither driver had a history of missing any NDA pkg drops.
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    It is what it is...just run and smile...
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    The question should be why aren`t each route time studied fairly? I went from a route I had for 12 years where the time study deteriorated so much that when I got off of it last year I had to do 20 stops an hour and run and not take a full break just to run over an hour over-allowed to my current route where I work steady but not super fast, have time to converse about UPS with customers, get sales leads, stop for a full break and run 1/2 hour under-allowed! Went from a bad driver to a great driver by changing routes!!

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    Same thing happened to me when I went from an industrial park to my first 'normal' route. Half resi the other half was assorted businesses that didn't get very much. Anyways, I picked up about 25 internationals a day and about 100 NDA and, yes, it happens some times, I would miss an SED or leave a NDA on car. So I go from being spoken to every couple of weeks to disappearing into the weeds just because I changed runs.
    The routes really do get better as you hang around from year to year...
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    The answer is right there. If you want the boss off your back, start gunnin!
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    And remember, if you had done it the way browmonster told you, you wouldn't be in trouble :wink2:
  10. we have this driver that is over by 2 hrs aday. I coverd him one day and had a sup ride with me all day. He would deliver at the same time I was all day long. on my lunch brake he left me so I can eat and stated to take my lunch and brake. He would then return in 45min to get me. well to cut it short with two people working non stop all day I checked and we were still over 1.6hr. the next day the driver came back in and told me he now has a 3 day ride with that sup becuse he was beat by a cover driver. but they did not tell him there were two people doing his job all day ( I did ) the numbers are B.S one last thing the sup and I did not do all his pickups he call the heavy one in 400 + pic that must be scaned
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    socal looks like you're not getting many answers to your question.
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    Define performance issues? Being over allowed is not a perfromance issue in most cases, its due to a bad time study. I had a driver 3 to 4 hours over every day, with the new time study he is now a bonus to scratch driver with the same route. Unless your willing to go to battle for your drivers with IE just suck it up.
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    Overlooking or rewarding these drivers bad habits. The only time they show up on a report is when they have an accident or hit a pedestrian.

    I have heard that in CA that the DIAD will not allow drivers to record anything on their DIADs for their entire lunch period; due to the lawsuit filed out there. I am sure UPS could implement this "dead diad" procedure nationwide by tomorrow but I am positive they will not until forced to do so.

    We have a driver who comes in a half hour early; goes thru his truck and sets it up; picks out the missorts, etc and codes it off as his lunch. Nothing is done about his working off the clock or taking lunch that is not between 3rd and 6th hour of work.

    The integrity is somehow lacking. again
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    No, no, no!! We walk at a brisk pace, don't run. But you can still smile.:happy-very:
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    Its simple. Train your management people how to read and follow the contract that you entered into and encouraged us to ratify. There is a disciplinary procedure in there; use it in a consistent and impartial manner. Stop playing favorites and giving special treatment to your lunch-skippers and corner-cutters.

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    Dont take that from what Im saying. There is NO WAY I WOULD EVER PREACH THAT, EVER.

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    Why are you letting your supe help you? You have now created more trouble for one of your co workers. I dont respect this act whatsoever. I always tell my supe not to help me or anyone else. I get so frustrated w/ people that dont do the job right. They make such big head aches for those that do it the right way.

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    The lunch lock out is not just CA. I believe its the whole coast and maybe a bit more. It doesnt matter though, their are ways around it which I dont use and you still decide when it locks out. It doesnt lock out on its own and you can end the lock out at anytime. So its pretty worthless. The only things it doesnt let you do is put your lunch in before your last completed stop and it doesnt let you put your lunch in for a time later than what it is. However you can start lunch at a noon but not lock the board out for noon until 1220 if you want.
    As for the guy your speaking of I have told the bosses you need to take all those losers that do stuff like what hes doing and have them all on the same routes. That way they can all kill each other off trying to keep up w/ the other guys do off the clock or whatever they do that they shouldnt be doing.
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    I agree. Do not ever let a sup work while you are working. Naive or just not thinking?
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    Simple, file a grievance against your center manager for allowing it to happen.