So I've been at UPS for 6 months now. Question about senority

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    On my dock we're only allowed to work 4 people that includes the puller so it's 3 loaders and 1 puller. We have 5 people on our dock and I have the least seniority. Now 2 of our workers barely come to work but when they do the supervisor always has to decide who's going to be sent home between the 2 of them. Now they both say that technically I should be the one to get sent home since I have the least seniority but the thing is I set up the dock which means I'm on the clock 15 minutes before everyone else. Can they still send me home even though I start earlier? I see now why everyone here says to know your union rights.


    Some of you guys may remember me, to those that do I say whats up and to those that don't I say hello. So like I said I've been here for 6 months and despite all of the negative things about UPS it isn't that bad of a company to work for depending upon who your supervisor is.

    They let me set up the dock which gives me 15 extra minutes a day, in January my ex supervisor allowed me to get the dollar raise to be bumped up to "picker" status, and apparently I was the number 1 loader in the building for January (said I had 1 misload for 35,000 packages though they never showed me that 1 misload.) and they gave me 2 tickets to the auto show which was really cool. So to any new hires I just want to tell you to try to stick it out and block out the negatives and just get your money, because as with life there will be highs and lows at UPS.
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    good news - bad news story

    Bad news (for you that is)- seniority prevails at UPS. Management should send the least seinor person home if need be. Sorry

    Good news- hang in there- if what you say is true my crystal ball isn't showing much of a future at UPS for your slacker buddies:peaceful:
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    Well probably the guys with higher seniority want to go home early. I have high seniority where I am and they ask me first whether I'd like to go home for the day if they have too many people, if I say 'no' they just move down the list.
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    Well kinda...................If he's already on the clock then he's guanteed his time.

    Push the issue. Demand your guarantee. If they force you to go home and refuse to pay you file on it. Probably what will happen at this point is they will change your start time but, you never know unless you force the issue.
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    Unless you are the lowest seniority person on your entire sort, you should be able to go to another area and bump someone else to get your hours if they ask you to go home. If they don't let you, contact your steward and let him ask what is going on for you...
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    What would happen in most cases Ive seen is that if all 4 employees said "no" to taking a VLO (voluntary lay off), then the 5th would be on the hook. Yes bennet could then exercise his seniority and bump someone else in the operation assuming that there is someone left to bump of course. 6month is probably very close to the bottom of the seniority list, though.
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    It's things like this they don't tell you when you're in training.