So, you want to be a trucker?

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    We do 2 weeks in school 2 weeks to qualify and 2 weeks in a shifter...
  2. So 6 weeks total training, hhhhhmmmm.
    And what percentage of mishaps do you think occur during this six weeks as opposed to someone that has a year or two experience. Who is banging more s*** up?
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    That's 4 more weeks than we get.
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    In my case, the company trains you for 2 weeks, rides with you for a week or 2 if you're having difficulty, then sends you on your way. At least when I started, everyone had to come from package car with at least 1 year of safe driving. Management assumes you have the basics for driving a commercial vehicle safely. You swim or sink and go back to package car. If everyone went by the OP's original rant, nobody would ever make the move from PC to feeders. Best job in the company IMHO.
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    I was busy with your mum.
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    Waaaahhh, I drove a tractor for twenty years at another company but got passed on the seniority list by a long time union member. Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!
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    Hope this helps.
  8. oldupsman

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    And that is exactly is what this is all about. Those damn package car drivers with 15 years seniority who jump in front of
    me. I'm a much better driver than them. Just ask me I'll tell you.
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  9. quad decade guy

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    No ay whole it's not. But since you asked. I had 2 days "training" before I took my DOT road test. That

    included first time ever sitting in a feeder or hearing about double clutching. Did I pass? yes. Was I

    safe and trained? NO WAY. The OP made many declarative statements that are debatable but far from

    absolute. One being that for the most part the system doesn't work and that we(circle of honor)(btw-

    most of those circle of honor types got lots of that in pkg car) came from some former trucking job.

    Just not true. Does the system work? Obviously it does in some capacity. Could it be better? OMG YES!

    Lights on the yard? Reverse lights of some kind on a T/T would be very helpful(keeping flashers on).

    But I do get the whole blindness thing. Now where I completely agree with the OP: jackass behavior

    on the yard. Negligence, deliberately unsafe practices(you know all of them) leading to fatalities.

    The OP is spot on. And OP-yes, there are recording devices(cameras) but nobody is watching.

    Here is just one small example: I get to the dispatch lobby. There is a contractor(no vest) standing

    there waiting for his trailer(taking away feeder work for a UPS employee). Me:" Hi are you a

    contractor?" Con."Yes." Me:"Yard rules require a vest." With a room full of dispatchers and supervisors.

    I know it's "not my job" but with contractors running around the yard in dark pajamas, talking on

    cell phones, running stop signs and speeding....I say something because I don't want to be the one that

    kills them. BTW-the same jackass behavior UPS people are doing(this includes pkg, fuelers, mechanics

    and shifters. For this, I am derided, belittled and so on.
  10. Big Arrow Down...D

    Big Arrow Down...D Leave the gun,take the cannoli

    The senior guys tell me you’re not a real feeder driver until you hit something or drop something...
  11. Johney

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    Or move up two pant size's.
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  12. Do you see the way some of these other trucking companies drive?

    Do you think UPS wants those kind of bad drivers working for them?
  13. UPS is the teamsters union largest employer no doubt but not it's only employer. I've got 23 years as a teamster. The primary goal of a collective bargaining agreement is to protect seniority and I oppose those that would say it's not.
  14. DOT comes to the definitive conclusion that less-experienced truck drivers are significantly more likely to be identified as the critical reason behind semi-truck wrecks

    Inexperienced Truckers and Crash Rates - Injured By Trucker
  15. I'm sure we've all had the unfortunate experience of hitting another trailer but hopefully that damage if any is minimal. It is just a sad scenario where an experienced feeder driver has the opinion that you need to hit something to be qualified.
  16. Thank you for the heads up! It's brought to my attention by your comments that you know you're right on the road I would say UPS feeder drivers exhibit the most professional and capable in their behaviors and habits.

    And thank you for reminding me that my grievances are all about private property locations such as UPS facilities and customer locations these are where I see the truly unsafe acts.
  17. oldupsman

    oldupsman Well-Known Member

    Yes. So? What's your point? I agree. Less experienced drivers have more accidents than experienced.
    Same with package car drivers. Same with young kids behind the wheel of Dad's car. That doesn't disqualify
    package car drivers from becoming feeder drivers. You just can't stand the idea of someone going to UPS
    feeder school and jumping in front of you on the seniority list.
  18. Put your time in Rookie
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  19. Poop Head

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    23 years, I bet you knew that it was COMPANY seniority, when you accepted this job..
  20. You don't know what my thoughts are unless you are Karnac the Magnificent.
    As I have stated before I respect and promote seniority issues.