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    From Regis and Kelly Live this morning:
    Regis says that he was walking a few blocks down the streets of New York when it starts to rain. Out come the umbrellas around him; however, he did not have one and was all dressed up and getting wet.

    A man in a UPS truck says rege you shouldn't be without an! Regis was so happy and thankful he thanked the UPS man and tried to get his name but never did.

    UPS was mentioned twice on the show and in a good way!

    We tend to focus on the negatives on this board, so it's nice to share a positive story and take this opportunity to send out a hearty 'Good Job! to all our drivers, especially during Peak.
  2. This story just backs up what we've all known since the days of Jim Casey....We simply have the best people in the industry working for us. During this most challenging time of the year, it's our people who at the core continue to be our most valued asset. If nothing more, the driver mentioned in this story did what he did simply because it was the right thing to do.

    Happy Holidays.......
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    I think all of us would love to "share a positive story" on this message board.

    We all would like to tell stories about how we got in a bind, sometimes through no fault of our own, became ill with a rare or unexpected illness or were faced with sudden, unexpected problems and the company bent over backwards, made exceptions or accomadations for us.

    Before several young, innocent and wide-eyed people post extolling how much we are goes deeper than that.

    When I read about the textile factory that burned to the ground but, yet, the owner still chose to pay his employees or;
    when I read about company's that have flex time for their employees or;
    when I read about company's that have day care for their kids or;
    when I read about company's that have on-site exercise facilities and medical care (not the doc in the box that misdiagnose's injuries) or;
    when I read about how our company employees donate(?) millions of dollars to a well known charity but, yet, if an employee comes down with cancer, or other rare disorder, they are accomadated, worked with and, essentially, not thrown out to the curb in more ways than one.......

    who do I think of? Not the company I work for.

    Go ahead and blame it on the union........I guess that's to be expected. Would it be any different if we weren't union?

    Being the corporate executive that you are perhaps you could offer some constructive counterpoints. Thanks.
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    Wow, way to turn a positive post into a seething slam on the company. Not that I'm surprised. Atta-boy to the driver who offered Regis an umbrella. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    Transport Topics Dec. 11, 2006
    UPS’ CEO Eskew Sees Potentially Biggest Holiday Season
    UPS Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Eskew said the company may see its biggest Christmas season yet, because Thanksgiving came early this year, leading to more shopping days before Christmas, the New York Times reported. Eskew told the paper he expects the company to deliver 240 packages a second on its peak delivery day, Dec. 20. UPS does not consider its workers truckers, he said in an interview published Saturday, but rather considers its delivery vehicles “package cars” and its delivery personnel “service providers.” Eskew deferred to comment directly on questions about gasoline prices or of one of its main competitors in its market, FedEx Corp., the Times said. While the company has only been public for six or seven years, he told the Times he thought the stock price had “room to grow.” UPS is ranked No. 1 on the Transport Topics 100 listing of U.S. and Canadian for-hire carriers.
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    Positive News......
    UPS top United Way donor; United Way Atlanta beats goal
    Thursday December 14, 3:12 pm ET

    United Parcel Service Inc., its employees and retirees have pledged $59.3 million to United Way's 2006 campaign.
    The pledge marks the seventh consecutive year Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS - News) is United Way's top contributor.
    More than 246,000 UPS employees participated in United Way's 2006 campaign, contributing more than $51.3 million. The company then contributed an additional $8 million through The UPS Foundation. And in Atlanta, UPS and its employees donated about $4.5 million, the largest contribution to United Way of any Atlanta-based company.
    "UPS continues to raise the bar each year with their extensive engagement in communities," said Brian Gallagher, United Way of America president. "UPS employees' generosity and commitment to making a difference in local communities across the country is unsurpassed. We are pleased to partner with UPS because of their emphasis on donating both time and money to improve lives and communities."
    In related news, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta surpassed its 2006 campaign goal of $78.8 million by $200,000.
    The 2005 campaign raised $76.5 million, plus an additional $10.8 million for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
    This year, the three organizations that contributed the most to the United Way campaign each had increases in their campaigns. Together, UPS, Combined Federal Campaign and Publix Super Markets and their employees pledged a projected $13.5 million -- a $600,000 increase over last year.
    Published December 14, 2006 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle</I>
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    trickpony - If you so unhappy with UPS, make yourself available to another industry. Or maybe you didn't realize that most companies are in business to earn a profit and to ensure a strong return for the investors. They're not doing this for your benefit. Your benefit is to work for a good company that pays you a fair wage. Which is what you're getting, but you obviously don't appreciate or realize that.

    And make sure the door don't hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!
  8. thats nice kinda but... 'it's the right thing to do' ?!?!?!?!?!?

    it sucks to be out in the rain and all... but umm was regis the only person without an umbrella? why should he get it. he has 10x the money most of us do buy your own damn umbrella....

    was there not a old lady or someone more deserving of an umbrella? regis is a big rich boy.. he should take care of himself...

    it was nice of the driver i guess but hes no hero or saint because of this.

    id give it to a normal person before someone famous. screw rich famous people. help a REAL person.
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    Its all good but, I think it was a planned event. I HAVE NEVER EVER known any ups driver to have an umbrella............Carry a box in your right and your umbrella in your left and how do you close it and open it and use the handrail and operate your board and get a sig...Its a warm fuzzy story, but not realistic.
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    From what I have seen of Regis, he can't do anything for himself. I would bet the UPS driver that gave it to him had to open it up for him also. Does make for some nice press though.
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    Too bad that little bit of good press isn't helping the stock price. Anyone know what the problem is with that? Our volume here has exploded, but the stock is not looking good at this point. Fedex is kicking our rears stock wise. I really don't get it.
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    Ever notice how the positives come from the actual workers of the company and the negatives have to do with corp decisions? mmmmmmmmmm
  13. Forget Regis, he can get wet for all I care. Having said that, I'd take off my coat, shirt, and pants, and lay them over a puddle so Kelly could walk by.
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    " Kelly could walk by."

    She is soooooo hot!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Why Does'nt Regis Have A Designated Umbrella Guy Like Jacko???

    Heeeeee! Heeeee!

    Kelly Ripa....she Needs To Find A Good Italian Family And Fatten Up A Bit. She's Way Too Skinny!
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    How can I maintain three points of contact with an umbrella in one hand, diad in the other, key ready for the ignition etc etc...
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    You are right. It had to be staged. It is as unrealistic as 1 trick pony's post. He probably said, "Hey Reg, I want to be a millionaire", as he handed him an umbrella with his third arm.
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    Look at the technicals.(PE, analyst rating, insider trading, MACD data, trend lines ect...) They do not look good.
    I am thinking of starting a thread to address investing.
    Anyone interested in that?
    The stock has not looked good ever since the IPO. FEDEX has been promoted thru several pay for investment sites and UPS has been negated. The consensus against UPS was that we have a higher than average employment turn over rate and the highest worker injury rate in the nation. Just look at the IPO price and what it is today, the return on investment is dismal.
  19. DS

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    Umbrellas are gay,real men just get wet and dont complain.
    Regis is gay and the ups driver who gave him one is too.
    He probobly picks up at umbrella place and stole it.
    Press like this we could do without.
    Ever see Superman with an umbrella?
  20. Griff

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    The real question at hand:

    Why would a UPS driver have an umbrella in his truck?

    He must be one of those "fabulous" drivers that actually could hack it F/T driving instead of doing evening air driving.

    P.S. -- "BrownCorpGirl" was probably the brains behind this check writing session to Regis's bank account. I would of wrapped a DR bag around that old farts head and did the TV watching population of America a great service.
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