Some people take religion too far!

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Integrity, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Integrity

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    To All,

    In another forum this topic came up and I thought I would like to open it up on this Sub-forum.

    It has been said by a fellow Brown Cafer that some individuals take religion too far.

    Religion, faith and spiritual living, however related are often confused with each other.

    I agree some people do take religion too far, regardless of its relationship to faith and spiritual living.

    What are your thoughts on this topic?

  2. over9five

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    Definitely some people take it too far. I don't mind some religious talk, but some mention it every day.
    For someone like me who isn't religious, it starts to get (to me) a little weird.
    Nothing wrong with being religious, but expressing your love every day seems pretty weird (to me).
  3. Jones

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    If you're not religious it's like listening to some Tolkein geek go on and on about the origins of Gandalf and the Elves and the true nature of Glorfindel as revealed in the Silmarillion. On one level it's interesting but when someone won't shut up about it it quickly gets tiresome.
  4. moreluck

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    I'm with you....just live it, don't have to talk about it.
  5. Integrity

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  6. Integrity

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    To all,

    I often hear people describe me here on the Brown Cafe as a religious person, but that is not really what I am.

    True, I have made it a point to follow the Bible, making my focus Christ and His instructions
    rather than traditions of any particular church.

    I have heard religion defined as man’s attempt to reach God.

    So many religions have set instructions and traditions in belonging to their practice.

    Some religions are more strict than others striving toward holiness by sacrificial acts and good deeds.

    Christianity, on the other hand, I’ve heard described as God’s attempt to reach man through His son Jesus Christ.

    Jesus, who is God and man became that bridge between us and God.

    He is our Mediator.

    Having the Spirit of God in Him and flesh of a man, He dwelt among mankind to show us that salvation can only be achieved through Him.

    He became our Sacrificial Lamb so that if we should receive Him, we could have eternal life.

  7. Jones

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    Right on cue, here comes that annoying Tolkien geek spouting on about Gandalf and the Elves...
  8. bbsam

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    if only you would let yourself be swept up into the wisdom of the Ents, you would find solace in finally embracing the humility of hobbits everywhere.
  9. Integrity

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    Not familiar with Tolkien and I have never commented about Gandalf and the Elves.

    Not until now at least.

  10. Monkey Butt

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    This seems analogous to the supervisor that came through the driver ranks and he/she acts as a Mediator between the drivers and the CEO who has never driven.

    That seem about right?
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Would it be more acceptable if Integrity changed it to Obama from God and Jesus to Hillary?
  12. packageguy

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    One thing I learned never talk about Religion and politics, I very Really talk about it. To many people get Offended. So I stay away from the subject.....
  13. Integrity

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    Your analogy isn't even close.

    Now if the CEO's son was the mediator then it might work.

    Can we keep the UPS discussions in the UPS discussions forum?

    This forum is for life outside of UPS. Am I going to have to report you to a moderator again?

    How does it feel to be a "short timer"?

    Are you counting the days yet?

  14. Monkey Butt

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    It's been 11 days since my last workday ... what day of the week is this?
  15. Integrity

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    You've just entered a discussion topic titled: Some people take religion too far!

    You are talking about religion.

    It's not so bad is it.

  16. Integrity

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    Congratulations Again!


    Saturday by the way!

  17. Anonymous 10

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    It all comes down to a man who died on the cross to save the world. He rose from the dead like he said he would. Told you so. Either you believe or you don't. Forcing this on people might be gods plan but I will not do this. All I do is believe that the son is God and do the right things in life. He will have my back for this as he always has and I will keep going. In my eyes he is the one and only God but I won't fight with someone who doesn't believe. We will still be brothers and maybe I will rub off on you in my charismatic way and help you to find him. God bless
  18. Integrity

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    Amen to that brother!

  19. Anonymous 10

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    doesnt it feel good that you can say whatever you want on this sight now and you know Scott can't walk down the hall and ask you WTF. Retirement has its advantages.
  20. Anonymous 10

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    i know him and you wouldn't even expect him. He is who he is.