Soooo what "defines" a threat???

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ShadyTeamster, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hey, Apparently It's Chinese New Year, and that's a big deal to our operation (Alaska). Anyways They (management) cut staffing in my area (southeast AK sort) in half even though our volume went down maybe 5-10 percent from last week. well anyways we were all peeved a little bit and life goes on.... Well The SUP came by and I asked her if she was getting her bonus soon.... This visibly upset her and she asked me what that had to do with my job. I simply stated that if she was cutting staffing and hours, in order to get a bonus, that it was my business. She really didnt want to answer the whole BONUS question, Which is fine. I just wanted to leave her with some food for thought... I said well you know the contract is up is 6 months..... She looked straight at me and asked " IS THAT A THREAT?" and with my furrowed brows I was like "Of Course Not!" Nothing has been made of this and no one is comming after me or anything. It just made me wonder what is actually considered a threat??? I thought a FT SUP would have a little bit thicker of skin... It's not like a was Name-calling or actually threatening her explicitly or implicitly... Any Thoughts?????
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    Welcome to BC.

    We hope you do better with your next post.
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    It's the year of the snake.......
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    And with all due respect to AJ and More, you need to remember your speaking to a woman. Have some tact.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Well with a name like ShadyTeamster I can't imagine many good posts in the future.
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    They can dish it, but what I have found is they can not take it... funny how a simple statement like that got her goose..if us hourly workers said anything even remotely close to the words they (mgmt) uses in describing us, our performance, etc. we would be walked out the gate...bunch of Pu***es
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    Just remember, we need them and they need us more. But its OK not to just antagonize your boss for fun or other. And its probably in your best interest as well. Keeping a fighting spirit going constantly between hourly and management might seem satisfying, even necessary, but its bad business all around. I've learned this the hard way by being an antagonist for years. Got me nowhere but uniforms with a bullseye embroidered on the back .
    i try to keep the peace now.
    its difficult at times but its the better road.
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    When a supervisor tell you your going to get a 3 day ride on if your not making your numbers, is that a threat?
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    Smile a becoming smile and say "I am doing my best" thick skin and politeness really frost their cookies
    PS and have your stewards or BA's phone number handy because there is not any thing about numbers in the contract it is a management thing.
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    "make them an offer they can't refuse"
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    I'm 100% teamster and I would say that you were asking for it. No I wouldn't consider that a threat but that could be used against you in the future.
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    What is "numbers"?
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    I dont see the harm in simply asking a question. But then again, I am not a management person for a paranoid, metrics-obsessed cult of fear.
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    I get that. But in the scope of UPS? I hear things like "over allowed, numbers, sphor". What does that have to do with us drivers?
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    Beyond the fact that it is none of your business, that's not how our 'bonuses' work.

    An unnecessary chip on your shoulder and a crappy attitude will not lend itself to helping your cause. Ignorance isn't always bliss. It's generally not the most polite of things to blatantly ask someone such personal information like how they are compensated, regardless of the validity of your suspicions.

    Welcome to BC. You seem to fit in well already.
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    I agree... although I wouldnt consider it a threat, whats the point of even antagonizing the supervisor?