Southern Supplement, Preload Start Time

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by pale, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. Sudz

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    Maybe it's time you stepped up and changed that. Get your local union involved.
  2. Martini

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    I'm standing by what I said about not wasting your time trying to change your building's notification procedure -- you won't change it.

    You can call every union rep/agent/whoever but they ain't changing the way they do things because someone doesn't like it.
  3. Sudz

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    If your buildings procedure violates the contract, they can and will change it. But it requires involvement from the members.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    How large of a building do you work in? How many preloaders? At my building the twi runs about 40k and if it comes in light there are always people that will go home.
  5. burrheadd

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    you sound like a pusillanimous
  6. 542thruNthru

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    Problem us I don't believe the southern has a PT schedule procedure. I remember looking a few time before and not finding one.

    I believe some other guy was on here talking about how they post it in Facebook. Lol
  7. Sudz

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    Fair enough. But that's why I insisted this individual contact their BA. Not many on here can say for sure. But being texted your start time each day? Even without specific scheduling procedures, that sucks big time. Hearing about stuff like this just makes me glad I'm in the central. In my personal opinion, we have very good start time language.
  8. Martini

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    Rural area, I'm guessing about 50 employees on the 4am to 9am shift.
  9. Martini

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    Our highest volume number for peak was 25,000.
  10. BadIdeaGuy

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    I would (and actually have) refused to give my supervisor my phone number.
    They have an old one on file for me, so they can't get in touch. :)

    Unless I'm getting paid, or calling them, I'm not putting up with their garbage.
  11. PT Car Washer

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    Hate to say it but in such a small operation there is probably lot of things management gets away with that they couldn't in a larger building. How badly do you need the job?
  12. eats packages

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    Me and 3 other people in this building are living proof that you are wrong.
    Local management actually has to compromise quite a bit to make sure their union employees are not late to work. They can't fire us easily in panel for being late if the language or methods are shady (all text messages and verbal reminders are going to be instantly thrown out, regardless of region, inadequate punch-in clocks may also be a factor). But they also cannot have excessive late reports for the building. The only smart option is to produce more consistent start times such that the workforce does not produce excessive late reports.

    PT Car Washer is right, most every building will find enough people willing to go home without pay that there is really no need to adjust the schedule itself on a day-to-day basis.

    And if you have union seniority, I would give high chances you can get written scheduling anywhere at the very least.
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  14. Martini

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    In my building, a teenaged union employee who has been there less than a year comes into work at least 15 minutes late three out of the five days every week.

    And that isn't even the worst part -- this preload employee's job is to scan the packages as they are being unloaded off of the feeder trucks, and while they are doing this, they are TEXTING and/or scrolling up & down on their cell phone which sits right beside them on top of the metal box where the labels spit out!
    Needless to say, there are about 30 to 40 miss-slaps every day, and not a word has ever been said to the employee by the Supervisor, who, I might add, stands right nearby and can plainly see what's going on.

    There is so much resentment toward this employee by my co-workers because they bust their butts and that person is getting away with whatever they want.
  15. burrheadd

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    Does this affect you pay check?

    if not

    mind your own business
  16. Martini

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    I show up 15 minutes early everyday, I never call off, and I do as I'm told, then I go home.

    On the rare times that I've questioned the way things were done, they always promise a change, but it never happens.
  17. Martini

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    It most certainly affects my and my co-workers' morales.
  18. burrheadd

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    oh, if it’s your morales that are being hurt then by all means

    jump up and down and throw a bitch fit until your morales aren’t being affected anymore

    snowflakes in action

  19. Martini

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    Wow, you sure are upset.
  20. Martini

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    I love being right.