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    I am 54 years old with 29 years of full time driving completed. I am located in NE OHIO (Central States). My plan is to retire January 2017. My wife is 7 years younger than me. Upon turning 65 and I will no longer be covered by TeamCare. What happens to my wife's benefits? Will she still be covered under TeamCare, or will she have to sign up under another health care plan?
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    She will be covered.
  4. rod

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    I would say she will be covered until he is 65 and on Medicare---then she is on her own and you will see just how expensive insurance is.
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    Good question..I believe that she would be covered under your retiree insurance till she is 65, could be wrong in this. Read it somewhere, also our health coverages are still under collective bargaining with the hope of some serious, tough union negotiators who give a damn.

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    That's how I understand it. Mine is 3 years younger. I'll have to plan the 3 years into my retirement budget.
  7. rod

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    Mine is 4 years younger. It was quite a shock to see what insurance actually costs after years and years of having free to almost free great coverage.
  8. Rainman

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    Where I am my wife is covered for 3 years after I go on Medicare. Check with your retirement plan as things are different in different areas of the country.
  9. ILMW

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    I looked up the information on the Central States web site. Here is the answer to my question. This will give clarity to Central State employees.


    Your spouse’s coverage under the Retiree Benefit Plan will end on the earliest of the following:
    • The date of your spouse’s 65th birthday,
    • The date of your 68th birthday,
    • The date your spouse becomes eligible for Medicare - even if your spouse does not elect to take Medicare Part B,
    • If your death occurs before your 65th birthday, five years from the date your Retiree Benefit Plan coverage became effective or three years from your death date - whichever is greater,
    • The date on which your spouse is no longer married to you,
    • The date you become covered by another benefit plan of the Fund because you returned to work for a Contributing Employer (you may reinstate eligibility for the Retiree Benefit Plan when you stop working again),
    • The first of the month during which you or your spouse ceases to pay the monthly contribution for coverage established by the Fund,
    • The date that you lose Retiree Benefit Plan eligibility as a result of a voluntary withdrawal by your employer from the Fund, either before or after your retirement, or
    Three years from your Retirement Date if you’re eligible for Medicare when you retire (and all other eligibility requirements have been met).