Spread the Word About Hoffas Dues Hike Plan

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by hubiebrown, Apr 6, 2002.

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    Why is it that the dander is up so much about a dues increase? That's the least of the rank and file's problems.

    Isn't the damage done by the threat of work stoppage more important to job security? Or is job security not an issue for the union too?

    Are the rank and file so ready willing and able to give up unknown amounts of wages and benefits for the kinds of gains made in the last contract? How many spouses understand the issues? How many members have done the calculations to know when a strike is a net gain and when it becomes just another way to cut their own personal income over the life of the contract?

    Is the union helping the membership understand not only the political issues but also the financial issues? Do their recommendations match the best interests of their members? You as a member understand the issues and vote for those that represent you well?
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    Forced-dues payors should be concerned because the dues increase is a big rip-off. The oligarchy has decided to hike the dues rate without the real consent of the membership. The delegates will just rubber stamp whatever Hoffa wants.

    As we all know, strikes are economic losers. The wages which are lost while on strike are rarely made up over the life of the contract, such as the last one.

    In regards to political and financial agendas, one should do their own thinking to prevent sheep-like behavior.
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    In my experience, the average teamster is VERY sheep-like when it comes to interaction with the union. The company's position is always wrong("They're trying to screw us again!")and the union's position is always right("We'll show UPS who's really in charge here. We make all the money for this company, not management!")
    The Teamsters Union counts on this lemming-like behavior in order to prosper. You will never hear them point out the negative economic impact of a work stoppage to their members. Too bad.

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    Your comment are right on the mark!
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    If the nickel an hour gets the members 60-75 cents per hour, per contract year, it will be money well spent! LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX.
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    I think its pouring money down an endless rathole. The cash will just be wasted on officer salaries, luxury cars and gloriously altruistic causes against evil employers everywhere.
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    What Will Your Local Union Do With the Dues Increase Money?

    When your dues go up in July, the Teamsters Union will get a huge hike in money flow. The biggest dues hike in history will mean a $130 million a year increase.

    The International Union will almost double its income. About $20 million of it will go to the strike fund, and provide improved benefits. About $13 million will go to an organizing fund, and we dont know what will happen with that. But you can do the math that leaves about $100 million to go who-knows-where.

    Much of that money is going to the International, but a lot of it $65 million a year will go to local unions.

    How Much Will Your Local Get?
    Here are the facts. A small number of locals will not get a big increase in funds. Locals that consist entirely or mostly of public workers, flight attendants, or Teamsters who make less than $11 per hour will get little or nothing more.

    But 90 percent of local unions will get a big influx of money, approximately $4 per member per month. Thats $48 per member per year, or $48,000 a year per 1,000 members. So a local of 5,000 members will get about $240,000 a year in new money. A 2,000 member local will get about $100,000 a year in new money.

    Where Will it Go?
    Will the money go to organizing new members, or organizing new golf tournaments? Launching strategic campaigns to win better contracts, or launching a new fleet of Lincolns at the union hall?

    You can have some say in how that money is used.

    Local unions are just starting to consider what to do with this big windfall of money that most will get. Some small locals may need it just to make ends meet. But many can launch new programs for the future. Members should be involved in this discussion. Ask your local officers what their plan is, make suggestions, or make a motion for a membership committee to propose recommendations. Get involved. Its your money, your union, and your future.
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    Why do teamsters earning a wage at the low end of the spectrum get less money from the dues increase than their better-off brothers and sisters? Looks like the teamsters treat some of their members as second class citizens. Anyway, I think " da boys" at the top deserve new Lincolns. Don't you?

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    People just love this dues hike. Just ask the Northwest flight attendants who want to leave the Teamsters. </sarcasm>
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    The Crimesters dont get a dime from me! I fired the Teamsters over 5 years ago. I use the former dues money to pay doctor bills the Teamsters Health Fund doesnt cover.