Stay at home Moms,( unless on Welfare) hated by the left

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    Hilary Rosen: 'Spare Me The Faux Anger' On Ann Romney 'Never Worked A Day In Her Life' Remark - International Business Times
    Stay at home Moms who never worked a day in their life shouldnt comment or advise their husbands on the economy.
    The economy is huge, with many facets.
    My economy when a stay at home mom was, No race car parts this week, we have an electric bill to pay.
    In Mrs Romneys case I think she knows more than I did, or still do at this point in my life.
    To say she shouldnt comment on the economy to her husband was stupid, and since the backlash, Poor Ms Rosen is being thrown under the bus by her democrat counterparts, even tho I think they agree Mrs Romney should shut up since she never had a real job.
    On the other hand Obama never had a real job either, and I think he should quit trying to run/ruin the country with his thoughts on the economy.
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    The liberal and Democrat leaders despise and dislike welfare Moms as much as anyone else but they do want their votes.
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    So far the comments have been nearly as ridiculous as the feigned outrage from the Romney supporters.

    Ann Romney has certainly not suffered in the tough economy, and has perhaps benefited from it.

    One could argue that all of Willard Romney's jobs were not 'real' either, since he never could have got them on his own, without being born to the parents he had. Why America could possibly fall for a person like this to lead them is more incredulous that how they have fallen for every 'leader' since Dwight Eisenhower.

    They are politicians, people. The privileged few. You follow blindly, you deserve what you get.

    Most of you had no problem with GWB seizing all sorts of insane powers, and now you are shocked that BHO has expanded on them? You get what you deserve.
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    I really can't stand bitter, jealous people.
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    Self loathing is not healthy, proven to lead to serious health problems.
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    Self loathing may not be healthy, but I understand why some would loathe themselves.
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    Stay-at-home moms run mini empires. Yet, are belittled by society and, usually, their most important ally-their husband.
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    Whats wrong with this picture then ?

    From April 5th, 2012

    According to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll President Obama has a strong lead, a margin of 18%, with women over the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, Romney. The percentiles are:

    Obama - 54%
    Romney - 36%
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    Not this husband. My wife is a stay at home mom and I KNOW I am the lucky one that gets to leave the house at times to retreat to the semi sane work place. No way in hell I would trade places.
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    No one called me. I'd vote for Gomer Pyle, at this point.
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    My first chuckle of the day, thanks.

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    The person who can say what he wants and has nothing to fear from the media:

    Bill Maher: Ann Romney Has "Never Gotten her A** Out of the House to Work"

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    So you want to go frm "Change, change, change"


    To "Surprise ,surprise,surprise"

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    It would be more accurate.
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    And that could almost pass as Mitt's high school senior portrait.
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    At least he's a businessman who can REALLY sing!!

    "Nabors began vacationing in Hawaii in the 1960s, and in 1976, moved from Bel Air, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. For 25 years, he owned a macadamia nut plantation on Maui before selling it to the National Tropical Botanical Garden, a conservationist organization (he still retains farming rights to the land and owns a second home on the property).[SUP][59][/SUP][SUP]"

    So he was a business man for 25 yrs, just like Romney.
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    My wife worked outside the home until we started to have children. She has worked hard at home for the last 23 years raising our kids and making a nice home environment for us all to live in. She has a close relationship with them all and they know they are loved.

    Now let's take a look at what has happened in the world this last generation. More mothers have left the home and entered the work force....either by need(to make ends meet) or because they just wanted to. In the last 25 years, divorce rates have skyrocketed and kids have become self-centered and lazy. Somebody here on the forum made that same observation when they asked about the next generation of UPS drivers. There is no work ethic in today's product of society.

    Is there a correlation between (the now) having parents that are too caught up in their own careers to care about properly raising a child to be a productive citizen and the loss of the typical (the then) stay-at-home mother that is there for the family and guiding a child into adulthood with proper values.

    I remember when I was 14. My mother had entered the workforce a couple of years earlier. I remember the times in my childhood when I would come home from school and my mother would be there. I could talk to her and she would listen. That all changed when she started to work. She was too tired....too stressed.....too distracted. It wasn't long before the family was destroyed by divorce.

    Sounds like I need a little therapy. But what I really feel is that kids AND the FAMILY benefit a great deal by having a parent(usually the mother) in the home at all times.
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    I remember when my kids were all in grade school, I went back to work and had the 7-3 shift. I was gone from home the exact same hours my kids were in school, so it worked out great. We all got home about the same time.
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    Closer than Obama's for sure ... he is wearing a uniform and is not snorting cocaine.