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    Is it true in other parts of the country that the union dues are not covered for the steward? That's what's happening in Washington. It seems like a slap in the face to take away the only benefit they get when they have to put with so much heartache and harassment from management.

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    Each Local gets to decide if their Stewards will pay dues or not. Some exempt them; some don't.
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    I believe ours pay dues, but they are refunded at the end of the year.

    And you shouldn't be a steward if you're doing it to get out of paying dues.
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    I have been a steward for a long time and have always paid dues and never had any money refunded . As a matter of fact our local was just audited by the IBT and they are going up.I have been getting a lot of abuse around the hub because of it . Like it was my fault.
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    [240 pages, 1,855kb]

    A Bylaw Admendment typically requires 10 Local Union members to sign a petition, and introduce it at the January monthly membership meeting. The motion is read at the January, February, and March meetings, and voted on by the members present at the March meeting.
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    Trust me, I'm not doing it to get rich. Our current steward is getting his dues covered but he's now retiring. I've been approached to take over the duties and responsibilities of the position except my dues won't be covered. Frankly, it's insulting.
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    Then don't do it.
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    Was any kind of vote taken by the membership or the Local Executive Board? The IBT Constitution seems to say that a Bylaws Ammendment vote is required to exempt stewards from paying dues. I'm not sure if a vote of the membership is required to repeal such an exemption. (It should be, just don't know for sure if it is.)
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    Ours pay full union dues.
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    I pay full union dues, as do all the UPS stewards in my Local.

    I actually prefer it that way. Since I gain nothing financially, I cannot be accused of having selfish or ulterior motives. And for a full time package driver, $74 a month in dues is pocket change anyway.
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    My dues are paid by me, same as every other Union member. In fact I believe in KS, and probably most "right to work" states it is against state law for the stewards to be paid. I'm with sober though, I would rather not have someone saying, "your just doing it for the money!!"
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    I have been a steward for 19 of my 21 years here and pay dues monthly but get a check back for them in feb of the following year.
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    I don't know why that would be true.

    I've always wondered why there isn't a law requiring stewards to be paid. After all, they are incurring incidental expenses all the time, and some of the steward's work is done on their own time. Shouldn't the Minimum Wage Laws apply if nothing else? Besides, being exempt from paying dues only saves you about $1,000 a year.

    Can you cite a law?

    In my Local stewards pay dues just like the rest of us.
  15. UnsurePost

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    To say stewards do not get paid is a bit overboard. Our lead steward inside made 30k in grievance pay last year.
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    Our steward doesn't get paid, nor does he have his dues waived. But, I wish he did. He really works hard for us. I'm guessing there isn't a day in his life that he doesn't get a call from an employee having a problem. The VAST MAJORITY of the problems, he fixes by just having a meeting or making a phone call or two. When things end up at panel, he is always there, pleading the worker's case. I go out of my way to thank our steward not infrequently for the work he does, although it very rare that it is for me personally. Truly, a thanks or a pat on the back go a long way.

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    I dont get paid nor do any of the stewards here either. You get the overtime for sitting in the office though.
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    I pay dues throughout the year but they are reimbursed in Dec.....believe me....I am not in it for the money. (or the glory)
  19. PT Stewie

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    I get to my full time job @ 7:30AM go to Ups @ 5:30 usually get done @ 9:00PM unless I walk the hub after I clock out . I pay my own dues and only stay on the clock if I am representing an employee. I am only a steward to help the people.My full time job is a pressure cooker and I don't need the extra stress of being a steward but the people need help sometimes. I can speak up without fear because I have a well paying full time job and there is a certain feeling of security in that. The people I admire are the stewards that only work at UPS and go to bat for their fellow employees day in and day out whether they pay dues or not. They are my heroes
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    Thanks for all the responses. I'm especially interested in bringing up Jonforums comments about the constitutional bylaws.

    Today I had the center mgr with me all day...... Good times..... He thinks I don't work fast enough and that I sort too much. What a surprise. The next few days should be very interesting.