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    i recently attained my seniority here at ups and was thinking of takin advantage of the employee discounted stock. I was just wonderin on how it goes with part timers.
  2. mikestrek

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    Buy UPS STOCK NOW. I'm an hourly also and it has worked very well for me. No matter what you think of your sup's or the company, Go ahead and buy UPS stock. It is a money maker. The discount helps, big time and re-invest your dividends. If your young, Perfect time to start. Part-Time or Full-Time, Talk to your management team and they can hook you up, I also believe you can sign up ut UPSERS.COM
    Good Luck.
  3. mathematics

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    definitely go for it and don't touch or look at it until 30+ years from now. the 10% discount and reinvested dividends will make you a ton of money a long time from now. when i was an hourly, i put in $25 pre tax per pay period. as a sup, i put in $200 per pay period. you will be surprised by the compounding over the years. the dividend has steadily increased by 15% also, expected to keep growing by 10% as well. despite how people feel about the company, UPS is a cash generating machine. the new OPS in china are going to generate an insane amount of cash. the stock has a lot of room to grow.
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    Just remember there is a 2 year hold on your purchases. You can't just buy it at a 10% discount and sell it the next day.
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    That 2 year wait is locked in. If you change your mind or need your money in an emergency, you will need permision from ups to sell your shares before the 2 years is up.
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    didn't i say 30+ years? i hope you're not refering to my post.
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    I'd go for it. I signed up online. Its very easy to increase/decrease what you are contributing online also.


    how much can i max out each pay period??
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    How is it a money maker?? It goes up and down like the sun.
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    I buy $200 per check. I max out in December and they don't deduct any the last couple checks.
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    because of the 10% discount (taken off the lowest price of the first or last day of the quarter, whichever is less), plus the dividend that increases yearly. you have to look at it as a very long term investment. Warren Buffet is an investor in UPS. if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for anyone.
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    I hear what your saying. But Warren Buffet could afford to lose millions in the stock market, and still have billions left..
  13. Fnix

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    is this like 401k
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    Well, I agree to go for it and don't touch it but as far as making you a lot of money...well, it hasn't yet. The stock has stayed around 70-75 bucks for a long time. Sure, it grew to over 80 but when they announced last yr or the yr before that they weren't going to make expectations, it tanked and slowly grew to the level of mediocrity it is now. If you or the public would've bought at 84 or around and try to sell now, you would have lost. About $10 a share. Multiply that by how many shares you bought at that price and how many you wanna sell...sounds pretty pricey.

    "UPS is a cash generating machine"? Well, maybe for themselves, not for stockholders. "...going to generate an insane amount of cash"? Sure, for stockholders? Watch it stay right where it is.

    The only way I've made money so far on the stock is buying it at 10%
    discount when the general public cannot. I did make money when they first went public and split...that's all.

    The total amount of stock does not compound, like a savings account. This is not like an interest-bearing account. It only grows if the price of each share grows. This is playing the stock market. No interest involved. Only growth or loss.

    And pre-tax? I don't think so. Mine ain't. Maybe as a supe yours is.

    You ain't confusing 401 with stock are you? Not the same.
  15. hondo

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    Over the long term, you're averaging out the price (I believe it's known as dollar-cost averaging). Much less stress than trying to time your purchase with the fluctuations. Combine that with the discount, and you should feel comfortable adding this to your portfolio.
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    I just started buying the stock. Last week was the first deduction.
  17. brett636

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    The stock purchase plan is an excellent long term investment choice. NOTE: This is not for the short-term. Not only do you have to hold onto the stock for 2 years, but you will make signifigantly less money if you sell your stock as fast as you purchase it.
  18. yurgref

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    UPS stock is far from a money maker, if i had bought a share at the bottom of the Dotcom crash ( March 12, 2003) the price would be $53 with the current price of $76 I would of made 23 dollars over those 4.5 years - Now if I would of put that same $53 dollars in the S&P 500 (March 12, 2003 - 803) it would of gone from $53 to approx $100 giving me close to a $47 dollar return on my money over that same period

    My opinion would be to MAX out your 401k FIRST ( Not only are you getting a better return on your money if you invest wisely, but you also get the reduction in tax rate) only after I have done that, would i consider putting any extra money into the Company Stock
  19. BigBrownSanta

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    I have to agree with yurgref.

    Also, there are too many restrictions on the stock plan. You can only make one change per quarter. If you decide to stop deductions from your check after making a change, you're stuck. The deduction will be taken out until the next quarter and you can't stop it.
  20. mathematics

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    your total amount of stock increases with each dividend reinvestment; this is mathematical compounding.

    i'd rather purchase more shares with my dividend at todays prices, so id like the stock to stay where it is for as long as possible since i don't want to touch the account for 30 or so years.

    you clearly do not understand how the market works.

    P.S. my DESPP deductions are PRE tax, just like my 401(k) deductions.