Strange stops


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Tell me of your most strange, bizarre, odd, confounding, dog bitten, confusing delivery stops you have ever made........ill go first with one but i have hundreds more.

Once i walked into a backyard where i knew there were 2 dogs, but the owner was in his garage and i decided to carry the pkg. to him. I am not afraid of any dog and especially dogs with the owner around. Anyways to make a long story shorter.....

The dogs saw me first, two australian sheppards.

Before i knew what was happening one dog distracted me by growling menacingly in front of me diverting my attention from the second dog who was quietly flanking me for the kill.
He got me right on the back of the calf, 2 perfect canine incisor puncture wounds.
6 stiches later and im still not afraid of dogs but i have learned an important lesson.

Never underestimate dogs on their own turf.

I was covering a route that day and the regular driver screwed with the owner a few weeks later(he knew him).
He said my leg had got infected and they might have to amputate.
OWner got all worked up until my bud let him off the hook.
There are beware of dog signs all over his fence now.
BTW i love dogs and do not blame anyone but myself for this accident in case anyone wants to take a shot at what i should have done.............
got that Danny.


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"Never underestimate dogs on their own turf."

along with protecting their owner.....

LEASH LAWS!!! If the dogs were loose, the owner was breaking the law. Period!

Unless you don't have a leash law where you live.......then the owner is still responsible for his dogs always and in any court!!


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Ive done it too, gone places that the "book" said I shouldnt have in the first place. And once in a while, I got caught short.

Question is did you learn anything. And you answered yes, so not all is lost.



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How about this one:

Go to a stop in the middle of an old run down trailer park. I had been there several times and knew there is a bad dog located at this stop, signs posted etc...

Well I pull up and see old rover on one side of the carport with his chain all wrapped up, several times, around one of the post. I think great! I jump out and to the other side of the carport, there is a car parked in it at the time, and meet the customer (signature required stop) while the customer is signing the dog unwraps himself and comes up and bites me on the leg. You should have seen that customer I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there. Well I call and report the bite go to the ER and get wound cleaned and got a tetunuse shot and returned to work.


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moreluck said:
"Never underestimate dogs on their own turf."

along with protecting their owner.....

LEASH LAWS!!! If the dogs were loose, the owner was breaking the law. Period!

Unless you don't have a leash law where you live.......then the owner is still responsible for his dogs always and in any court!!

Dont think leash laws apply within a yard more


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One more before i go to bed.....

A man came to the door with nothing was suppossed to get a signature but i just dropped the box, told the man that wasnt cool and left.


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If a dog bites you, sue the owner. Make some money from your pain.
I don't think anyone with untied dogs on their property should be having packages delivered.


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I do not think that it is good policy to sue your customers, we had one of our drivers who sued a customer because he slipped on the ice and broke his ankle in their yard. As he lay there waiting for the ambulance they took very good care of him as she was an EMT, even after their considerate help he slammed them with a law suit for a million dollars. The kicker is is was not a normal delivery stop for his route(misload) and now the normal driver feels the repercussions of this incident and my route also borders this one so I hear about it quite abit also. Hope that he sleeps well at nite. Oh yeah the customer had their homeowners ins. cancelled very shortly after this.


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I doubt he got a million dollars, but I hope he got a few thousand. Bet that customer takes a little better care of his icy walkway now. If you're going to have packages delivered, you better make sure it's safe for me to deliver!

But I was talking dog bites. A driver in my center got a little less than $2,000 after a dog bit him. Then after 6 months you can sue them again if you still have a mark (permanent scar).

I don't like sueing people, but I don't like idiots who expect me to get past their dog and up their icy driveway either.


Ok how about a weird one with no dog involved.I had an irreg pkg...5 ft long that I assumed correctly was a fibreglass bumper for a car.It was to a body shop and it was a C.O.D...but there was something odd about it,one end was much heavier than the other.The cust said to go ahead and open the heavy end while he cut me a check and see what it was as he only ordered a bumper.Thrown inside the pkg,I guess by some bonehead sorter somewhere,was a whole case of 303 shells.with an address to a town a few hundred miles away.The cust says well it was in my pkg so they`re mine...I told him forget it and brought it back to the bldg. My sup just tossed it back on the belt like it happens all the time.


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We have been feeding a dog in my area for about 10 years. I hadn't seen the dog in about 3 months. I pulled up to the stop today, and the dog came out without his nose, and part of his upper snout. The dog got cancer, and the owner couldn't put the dog down. I can't stop thinking of the sight.


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Oh rushfan, thats so sad. My neighbor had a beautiful white, wolf looking dog. Used to ride on his harley with him. It got the nose cancer. How could anyone let it live that way?


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There was a dog on my route I used to drive that had acid dumped on his head and eyes that blinded him. Very friendly I petted him everytime I delivered but man he looked mean! No telling the suffering that dog went through.


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yall ruined my thread by turning it into some dog fight thing.............\

this thread is officially closed..........

you are all on probation from now on..........

i better not read any more posts that arent about funny, situational humor.
whats happened out there.




cmon' people.....


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Hows this for a strange stop, going back to the same stop
three or four times cause the preloader thought
that maybe one package in front, one package in back
one package somewhere on the floor, and another stuffed somewhere else
was a good idea...

Ok not too strange, actually quite normal.

For strange stops.
I suppose the Porn/Adult novelty stop is always fun.
The people that work there get so excited when I show up.

I had something in my truck today that smelled really good.
kept making me hungry.. it was cake or something.. it was
baking in the heat on the shelf I think..
#1 I never deliver a stop to a resi with signs of loose dogs, give it to the clerk
#2 I was delivering a pkg to a house in a rural area, the address was down a gravel road with a trailer at the end. As I am selecting the pkg the door flies open and out comes a 60 lb four legged mouth full of teeth. So the thing was at my steps ready to take any flesh I was willing to put on the ground when the, ahem, lady steps out of the "house". I told her if she would please put the dog in the house and close the door I would bring the pkg to her. Her reply....."It's OK he's had his shots"......:nono:


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I guess dogs are the most excitement any of you get while delivering.
Im okay with this.............reely.
Im going to tell one more story.
The other day i went into a lawyers office and after i set the pkg down, (name deleted) looks at me kinda funny. I lean on the receptionist desk...Where she was sitting like she does everday. I ask her whats wrong and she says shes tired.
All the while shes playing with this white substance on the desk with a post it pad. At first i think it eraser shavings or something and then i ask......"is that what i think it is?"
She says yeah, you want one.

crickets crickets

um no thank you

Girl you are crazy

she said it was the only way she could stay awake.
I said have fun and walked out.
By far one of the weirdest stops ever.