Strike or no strike

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trucker1946, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. trucker1946

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    If the contract is voted in or you walk the picket line,I emphasize do not cross and be a scab,last time we struck (3) full timers crossed,(1) has been blackballed,(1) has been killed,and (1) has been terminated,food for thought,good luck:lol:
  2. jasar13

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    How was he "killed?"
  3. scratch

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    Trucker, where I am at, we had four Package Drivers cross out of about 120. Two of the guys quit soon after, one woman had already turned in her intent letter to go into management, and the other woman is still a Cover Driver. We didn't kill any of them though, y'all must play rougher up there in Philly! Do you think we should strike if the only reason is to save Central States like last time? I have walked the Picket Line twice now, without knowing all the details of Pension reform, I don't like the thought of striking to save a failing CS Pension Plan. Most of my fellow FT drivers, including the Feeder guys, want out of Central States. We will have to wait to see what t he details on it will be and if the give backs are worth it.:sad:
  4. trucker1946

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    1 was killed in a mysterious truck accident,to this day no one knows how it occurred :confused:1
  5. Griff

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    I've yet to be involved in a strike. Does everyone have a warchest of cash saved up incase we go on strike or what? Who actually does the work, I can't see how it's even possible to keep up with the volume with temps, supervisors, etc?
  6. trucker1946

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    Griff-They put supervisors and scabs on 24 hours,run them till they ragged,they just have to dodge the bullets,rocks,and nails from the picketers,not a pleasant sight,they should supply them with all with crash helmets too:thumbup1:
  7. hoser

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    Could someone fill people like me in about what's happening with this talk about collective action?
  8. Brownnblue

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    We had no one cross during '97.
  9. ImpactedTSG

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    F'n childish. My four year old doesn't even do that stuff. :sad:
  10. wornoutupser

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    My building had no drivers cross.

    We were "punished" by having to drive to the next center in the area. UPS "realized" after 3 weeks that they were losing a TON of money on fuel and "allowed" us to return to our own building.

    We maintained a picket line 24/7 and sent the company a bill for security that was signed by all. Of course, UPS refused to pay!
  11. Gman24

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    Is there something that I have missed? I haven't been on the forum in a while, but WE aren't talking strike in our part of the country.

    Just asking????
  12. 30andout

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    I don't think anyone in my center wants to see a strike, but if the teamsters pull the bs they did in 97 I think more are likely to cross. They did it to save the teamsters not to benefit the employees.
  13. BCFan

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    A year and about 2 months and the strike word? Heck if it comes down to it I'll carry 2 picket signs but I sure hope it dont come down to that...:thumbup1: BC
  14. scratch

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    Trucker is trying to get an early agreement by bringing pressure on both parties......we need a Contract before the big August anniversary you know!:wink:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The scenario has changed boys! Because of sheer volume we stuck knowing no one would be able to handle our volume. We literally stop the flow of packages until a settlement could be reached. If we strike "they" still could not handle the whole volume of freight but FDX/DHL will grab a major portion maybe even lure away the major accounts. Striking is not an option not now ......not in this scenario...we will not be able to recover...
  16. aspenleaf

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    What happens during a strike (besides not working)? How does it affect the part-timers? Is is the same for everyone? I was not a upser during 97 and I have to admit I am a little lost when anyone mentions strike. Can you fill me in?
  17. woodenfoot

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    strike is strike no work no load no unload no driving
  18. 1989

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    Isn't parts of DHL still union? I remember some drivers working at Airborne after their picket duty.
  19. catra

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    Aspen I had the same questions. Who tells us not to work? We don't get much communication and how does that affect the insurance (my only reason for being at UPS). Hopefully it won't come to a strike or I will have to find another job.
  20. 1989

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    Instead of reporting for work, you stand or walk outside your building (work area) holding a picket sign...You will know if there is a stike. Especially if you work in a large building.