Stupid things People say or Do??

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by fups, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. fups

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    Like.... What is that? Is that a box full of money? I didn't know this was going to be a COD... and then try and give you CASH after you waited 5 mins. or putting your pen on top of Diad so it can fall off instead of putting it where they got it from? OR ... it sure is hot today ain't it? ...considering your inside in this a/c !!
  2. fredly00

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    "oh its ok, I have my own pen..."
    the proceeded to write on the diad
    cutting my screen...

    "which end of the "pen" do I use?"

    While I'm in town:
    "hey do you have my package for my house in there"

    "hey can you take this package"
    while the customer tries to hand you a FedEx Package..(happened today)

    For my pickups(about 40 of them)
    "can you come right at 5:00" hah...

    People ask if its hot out..
    I just say I dunno..I really don't notice,
    maybe they notice the sweat dripping
    off my head.. but I'm a head sweater...
    so my head is always soaked
    probably will be in winter too.

    My Resi people are funny though
    they say, I heard you coming a mile away
    one guy is always waiting outside for me
    nice guy...
    While others, will hide inside, till I turn
    my back, then the package mysteriously dissappears
    from the front door...

    Anyone else have a good week?
  3. steamheat

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    hey fredly00, If you had a route where the stop for that pkg. they were asking about was 12 miles away and the last 3 miles were sand you would tear that car apart looking for that pkg. and thank them when they left.
  4. rushfan

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    People handing me letters, asking me about fredex or dhl service options...of which I tell them use ups. I had someone ask me how to fill out fredex shipping papers.
  5. over9five

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    "Hey! I saw you yesterday delivering in [insert town 300 miles away]"
  6. brown1

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    Oh when people call you "Easy Money". I tell them you can call me money but there isn't anything easy about it!
  7. toonertoo

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    When they hold up a yellow note and ask me if I left it.................

    When they say they wish they had my job, as they are cooking steaks in the back yard at 5pm...

    When they ask me how to get hired, since I am a minority, I must know the right people.....

    When they tell me I make 3x's what they do
    (News flash because I do 3xs as much)
  8. upsdude

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    "which end of the "pen" do I use?"
    Either end, just dont use the middle

    People ask if its hot out..
    No, but its very cold in here. How do you stand it?

    What is that? Is that a box full of money?
    I dont know. Its from Edward McMahon

    Oh when people call you "Easy Money".
    Maybe true, but we move at a pace you wouldnt be accustomed to.

    When they ask me how to get hired, since I am a minority, I must know the right people.....
    You cant get hired, I was kidnapped 18 years ago. I want my mommy.
  9. mattwtrs

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    I had a air package yesterday that had a hand written note on it to put it in the box on the porch. I left the info notice on the door & put the package in the box. 2 hours later a guy pulls up beside me & gets out of his car with an info notice and asked if I delivered his package? I didn't know him so I asked him his address and of course he was the air customer that got the package in the box. I smiled & told him to read the info notice. He smiled and said "I guess I should have checked the box and read your note. Sorry for being stupid!"
  10. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Guest

    How about the customer that ask's if I have an air package for him at 12:15? He said he ordered some stuff and it was coming UPS Next Day Air. I told him he would have had it by 10:30 if we had it. He called me later after he contacted the shipper and apologized because another carrier was used. I saw him later when making pickups next door, the other carrier delivered his package 4 hours late and the driver said so what if it was late, you are only a toy store! What a stupid thing for a person with a service failure to say. You have to love competition with that attitude!
  11. slowdriver

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    "do you guy's have ac in that truck.."
    who is that from.. what is in it..
    Hot enough for ya?..
    "new diad".. where is the pen thingy
  12. ups_gal_710

    ups_gal_710 Guest

    How about that a customer that you have delv to for many years and know just where to leave their pkgs and they hire a new lady. Then all of a sudden she treats you like you have no idea what your doing. They get a COD and she wants to call the owner even though you know he will say "lets just get our pkg on Monday".
    Oh well, go ahead and make your call dear all I have is time. hahahaha
  13. ups_gal_710

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    Hey post #100 I'm moving up in the world...

  14. moreluck

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    upsgal...congrats on your "century" post!! [​IMG]
  15. rushfan

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    When customers ask me where the hell i've been. You see they track the package, and it shows "out for delivery" whenever it's scanned on preload. The customer shows me the tracking info, and it shows "out for delivery at 5:00 a.m. I'm serious, this happens to me every once in a while.
  16. pd109

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    is it a bomb?...yea I gotta run
  17. upsdude

    upsdude Guest

    "is it a bomb?...yea I gotta run"

    Nah, it stopped ticking a few minutes ago.[​IMG]
  18. fredly00

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    ""which end of the "pen" do I use?"
    Either end, just dont use the middle

    People ask if its hot out..
    No, but its very cold in here. How do you stand it? "

    Oooh I like those... gonna have to try those.

    Had a little kid the other day, barely old enough to walk, pointing at me and jumping up and down
    his mommy said that he loves the UPS guys, always goes crazy.... LOL. I see a future for the kid...
  19. isdrone

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    I always like "Do you know so and so they work for UPS in (insert city here). My response - "Well we have quite a few employees I really do not know all of them".
  20. traveler

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    Boy, if I had one share of stock for every time I was asked that since I started in 1965!