Stupidity or Irony? No Overtime

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  1. Can someone please explain to me the concept of Mandatory NO OVERTIME for our P/T workers, our mechanics, our white collar staff while pushing our drivers to the limit of O/T. Maybe my vision is going but why would virtually every support function be mandated to NO OVERTIME ALLOWED only to hide the stupidity of that decision inside the walls of the package cars. We PLAN TO FAIL every single day by not being allowed the flexibility to support the drivers by using the resources needed. The funny part is our drivers are trying to mandate a REDUCTION in their overtime with a bundle of 9.5 grievances but apparently we dont care about OT there. What am I missing, someone please show me the light....

    BTW, a big thank you again to everyone in Atlanta. Stock closing today below what it did the first day of IPO. Excellent progress boys!!!! I need to get one of those jobs where i dictate accountability to everyone and am held to nothing myself! I guess running the business now means running into the ground head first
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    Although people don't like it, OT with the drivers is done to basically save money strange as it may seem. For many agreements on HW and Pension. The contributions are capped at a maximum per month or per week. So a driver working 40 hrs has the same contribution as one working 50 hrs in a week. (I know not all supplementals are the same, so I'm sure there is areas in the country where this may not be true). So the amount of money spent on OT is compensated by not paying additional HW and Pension. Also, if 10 drivers should be working an 8.8 hr day, but instead 9 drivers are working isntead the totals hrs for the 9 is 9.77 hrs. In areas where the to/fr is relatively high, having 1 less driver not driving an hour to and an hour from the area also saves hours. Also, if there are only 9 drivers then only 9 cars are needed. Therefore less work for the mechanic, less cars needed to buy, less car positions needed, so adding another building doesn't need to be done. There's other reasons, but those are the biggies.
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    Let's see save money pay drivers $41 an hour for 1-3 hrs of overtime a day or let preload get 15 mins to a half hour overtime doing a better load job reducing drivers OT would that not save money?????? DONETHAT I know where you are coming from on your reply that has all been explained to us here, it just doesn't make good business sense,less time on road for drivers = less time for package car also and possible accidents, I guess higher up management is incapable of rational thought
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    I got to work early this morning because traffic was light.When I went to put my lunch in my truck it was a familiar sight.The truck was 3/4 loaded and a "mountain of packages"dumped in the back.My start time is 8:55 and at 8:00 AM Sup sez...get on the clock.I finished my truck,pulled cages and disributed irregs till 9:20 back at 7:35PM...code 5
    no break except my 10 min pd at 6:20 PM.Thats an 11 1/2 hr day paid. No over 9.5 rules here.
    If they ever did decide to give preload some OT is to start them an hour earlter.In most big centers this is innefective because the volume keeps rolling in right up till 9:00 AM.IMHO if they let us drivers come in 1/2 hour
    earlier we could clean up and between us could effectively dispatch ourselves,and let mngmt know what we need to get it done right.
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    They couldnt do that, after all, if they are not needed to dispatch the drivers, then how could that many sups justify their jobs.

    No, better to let the preload handle all the fun, let all the miscomunications flow, and dispatch the drivers with 10-11 hour days.

    Oh and lets add PAS while we are at it. That way we can hire more sups and less drivers to do more work in the same time.

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    I could never figure out why management fails to see the long term value of high employee morale--beginning with a properly loaded truck, ready to go, at 8:30am...
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    WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its the same every where:confused:1
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    As the parochial boss perhaps you could have talked to that preloader that dumped those stops in that car. Explained to him how he is affecting that driver and giving union labor a bad reputation. Na never mind. Its easier to make a joke about management and shy away from any responsibility.
  9. danny,

    I dont think you are being fair to us members of management. There are plenty of things that would still remain to justify the sups jobs:
    1.) Who else would load up their personal cars every peak season to deliver when we dont have enough package cars?
    2.) Who will shuttle all the misroutes and LIB's
    3.) Who is there to break up fights between the gang members we hire in as p/t employees since we dont pay enough to get anyone else
    4.) Who else will take the fall for the poor plans sent down by region and corporate?

    Back to my original point, if the overtime is OK for the drivers why is there a mandatory no overtime for P/T employees, mechanics, staff, etc??? I understand the pension arguement, the benefits, etc. but if it holds for the drivers wouldnt the same hold for all the other employees?
    We day in and day out fail to properly set the table for the drivers to do their jobs! Invest in the front end of the process and save at the back end with the people making the highest wage rate! I dont understand how higher ups dont see this.
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    Isn't that management's job? I think they call it training now.
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    If you could guarantee that 15 -30 minutes more on the preload (at overtime) will reduce driver paid day by 1-3 hrs. I don't think you would find many mgmt people who wouldn't take you up on that. I truly believe a larger problem we have that should be solved is the staffing in the hubs. Most preloads run the least best during the end of the preload due to late loads from the hubs. I think that UPS needs to invest a heck of a lot of money in the hubs, so we can get the volume in, process it and get it back out to the preloads, so they have enough time to process the loads. The night sorts need to run a very short window so the preloads can have a little more time to process the last loads that come in. Fedex has virtually every hub automated in the sort aisle so they can put them where they are really needed, in the load and unload. Like I've said in another post. UPS should, in my opinion, identify routes as a route that should have a high paid day or a low paid day. A route that spends it's time a short distance from the building should have a lot paid day since the time spent to get on area and back to ctr is small. Routes that are far from ctr and require a lot of to\fr time should be targeted as a high paid day. Make it known to the drivers, then the high seniority driver can bid on a route that should have either a hi\lo paid day based on the drivers preference. Let's face it, while a lot of people don't want a lot of OT, some people do. This would satisfy most of the people, and be efficient for UPS as well. Anyways, that's my 2cents.

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    Beentheredonethat, good points, except that would require common sense from the powers on up, so it will never happen.
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    See the problem with that is that you have to know something to teach it.

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    Tie, the preloader who dumped those stops in his car did so because, since PAS, he is now expected to load 5 trucks instead of 3. The preload supervisor then chased the loader off the belt before he could load it properly. When you short staff and short change the operation you only get a half assed result. Certainly, nothing new for UPS.