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    I was watching the news the other day and someone died while working in the heat. It then became a big deal so they had a segment on tv to cover the story. I think the person that died was a farmer. To make the long story short, they interviewed OSHA .

    It was said that the EMPLOYER should provide at least 2 gallons per day per employee. And there should be a shade. I think if I heard it right, IT IS THE LAW! I also heard that osha can shut down any business that doesnt follow this?

    We all know that the water jug they gave us is not 2 gallons. And we know that we dont have shade anywhere. In fact, when you go in the truck to grab a package, its like a conventional oven.

    So what are the things you do out there to survive the summer heat?

    I for one wont rely on UPS to provide anything for me so I bring my own gallons of water, I bring 2 towels, one I leave it inside my cooler so throughout the day i can put it in my head to cool me off.

    UPS should adjust the issue of heat inside that truck, that fiber glass is not helping either. I believe that if I asked that guy from osha to ride with me during the summer he will have something to say.

    whats your remedy to heat
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    Evaporation Air conditioning... walking through lawn sprinkler while doing residential deliveries. I use a soaked bandanna wrapped around my neck, when needed I pour cool water over the inside part of my arms in the elbow area,drink lots of liquids and I sweat.
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    Most important: lots of water..
    I also keep a towel in my lunch box and in the worst of the heat, a little spray bottle to spritz legs and arms. It seems to help.
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    I like to take a hose and wet my seat. It cools me down when driving between stops. Also keeping my shorts wet helps. Thanks to polyester it doesn't show:happy2:
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    I've been known to jump in a pool or two.. With permission, of course.
  6. UPS should adjust the issue of heat inside that truck, that fiber glass is not helping either.
    I brought a thermometer last summer and it was 138 degrees just inside the bulkhead door! I plan to do the same this year and document the extreme temps and see about getting a roof vent or something. For now I guess I will just keep dowsing my head with ice water at every other stop to try and cool off.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I hate that wide brim hats we were issued. Why couldn't they get something more versatile like a "jungle type soft cap".
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    That about sums it up.
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    Most important: lots of water.. water is not the answer you should be drinking gatorade , powerade or vitiman waters because water does not replinish the sodium and other things you lose when you sweat
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    I recommend that everyone go and visit Dr. Summeroff. He will give you the right ideas, so you don't have to put up with that excessive heat.
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    Won't that give you swamp ***** and crotch rotch...:surprised:

    Water is the answer and the dominate liquid thru out the day, only shared only by an ocassional sugar filled gatorade/Vitamin water. Eat fruit, bananas and a peanut/protein-bar thru out the day. Don't eat a big lunch.
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    I slow right the he'll down. (for me it's like going backwards) : ) and I for sure push the water. I know in the past, our center has gotten us ups golf towels to wipe the sweat out of our eyes. We get the nice muggy summers in the Midwest so it's a gallon of water at least per day. My route is 80% commercial so get plenty of AC. My much is broken up into so many small lilttle breaks. I find that doing that helps. And before y'all jump on me, I know I should take my full 50 between my 3 and 6 hour. I just like to be chatty.
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    Just drink water all day long. UPS doesn't care about your safety and heatstroke, so we become singularly responsible for our own safety. And if you go over nine five because you had to take a drink every time you walked into the back of the truck, oh fudge.
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    Pure luck. I happen to be in a spot in the country where heat is not an issue. I don't even know what it's like for you guys out there. I probably wouldn't do this job if I lived in a hot part of the country.
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    Likewise guys who work in warmer climates cannot relate to working in the cold. It's all relative and we all learn to acclimate ourselves to our environment.
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    I'm glad you added that last part as we had a driver who was at a residential stop and the woman had given him permission to go in to the pool; however, she failed to mention this to her husband who was rather upset when he came home and saw the UPS driver in his pool.