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    Easy easy money as well. One of these days when I'm nearly geriatric I'm gonna be running those EAMs every day
  2. rod

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    I believe its just the opposite. They get a gold star if a grievance is filed on them because that lets upper management know that they are truly company men who will thumb their noses at the Teamster Contract.
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    Don’t be scared to file grievances. Who cares. I’m management. I get like 3 a week minimum filed against me. I never heard a thing from my bosses. It’s not like I want to do union work. But if my preloaded late I gotta do their set u til coverage. Obv I’m not happy but I’m not mad at them. I know what I signed up for. My union employees give me heads up when filing and I say good for you guys. It is what it is
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    We have an on road sup that tells guys to “go get that money” when they threaten to file on 9.5s or management doing hourly work. They’re struggling to properly staff all shifts, so no :censored3:s are given by management about grievances.
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    They are being TOLD to work if you are that short staffed. They only get in trouble if they work and do not need too.
    It is UPS's responsibility to hire enough people. If you have call ins / offs, and it makes UPS short, then a supervisor can work if the double shift lists have been called. We don't call the drivers in our building, as we are short on them also....
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    First offense is usually 3 slaps on the PeePee

    Are you serious

  7. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    You file on any Management doing Union work.

    If Management is touching a box you grieve it.
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    Easiest money you'll ever make.
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    my belt sup encourages us to file when he has to do union work, our belt usually has 6 trailer loaders, for the past few weeks we have only had 3, he tells us to file on him working, in the hopes that we get our staffing back to normal.
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    your friends made that choice to leave the union and become supes. filing on them working has nothing to do with being friends, it is about you as a union member making sure the contract is upheld. and filing grievances is how you do that, you are here to work, not be friends, you can be friends outside of work, but once you each pass that guard shack (if there is one where you are) and clock in, you are an employee and they are your supervisor, and supervising is all they should be doing. FILE FILE AND FILE MORE! if you dont, you are helping to compound the understaffing problem.
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    Brother, go ask your friends for a day off when you don't have any entitlements or to hook you up with that gravy job they gave to the :censored2:bag worker. They aren't your friends, they're going to do what's in their best interest and so should you.