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  1. Exmachina23

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    Hello i have been working at UPS for almost 5 years now. I have been on vacations for 3 weeks... technically 2 because i called in sick every day for the 2nd week. I have two more weeks of vacation which will be ending on the 12th of august and i have to go to work on the 15th. However today i texted my supervisor and asked if anybody has the week of 15- 19 of august he told me somebody already has it off. heres the text transcript me and him had today...

    Me- Hey does anybody have week of 15-19 of August?
    Supe- Who is this?
    Me- Its Exmachina
    Supe- Yes someone has it off
    Me- Who has that week off?
    Supe- A tan wall employee
    Me- Which one?
    Supe- Why does it matter to you? You need to be here that week.
    Me- Why are you avoiding my question?
    Supe-Call me. I am not going to play this text game.
    Me- This isnt a game I just asked a simple question... Whats so hard about that?

    my supe didnt reply after that. basically the supe is an A-hole and i beleive he is lying because he doesnt want to give me vacation because i called in sick every day of last week. basically is there anything i can do? should i just call in sick every day of the week?(I actually have to miss work those days) and can anything happen to me if i do?
  2. upsgrunt

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    There ain't no way your story holds water.

    No way.
  3. TheKid

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    Go to work
  4. Dynomite

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    How do you call in work sick for a week straight? My sup won't even let me take one sick day... His reply to me is usually "Take medicine you're coming in." I would love you know your technique.
  5. JonFrum

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    As in Deus Ex Machina???

    TrollGuy, is this another one of your stunts???
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    First of all, this isn't high school--pick up the damn phone and call your supervisor. Second, it is none of your business who is on vacation that week. Third, it sounds to me as though you don't want to work--why don't you quit and let someone who does want to work take your job?
  7. Indecisi0n

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    I hate to admit it but i agree with NY. :surprised:
  8. raceanoncr

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    I guess my question in all this is: Don't you have to BID on your vacation? I don't know. I, as a F/Ter always, at the first of the year and now in Nov, had to bid my years vacation in advance. If something happened during that year and I wanted a diff week off, I was SOL unless I could arrange a switch with another driver and if it was approved by company.

    You SUPPOSED to have that week off and ain't getting it? Then it's grievance time. You merely DEMANDING it with no valid documentation that it's yours is, well, SOL, again.

    Good luck
  9. hurricanegunner

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    Read upstate's reply again. He hit the nail on the head.
  10. ups1990

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    Bueller?, Bueller?
  11. UnsurePost

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    No one is going to ask how someone with less than five years in gets four weeks vacation? ;p
  12. Thanksups

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    Shouldn't be texting a Sup anyway
  13. steward71

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    Yep how did that happen? Maybe like in my area of the woods, you get 2 weeks after 2 years and then 5 sick days and then 5 personal days. Week of vaction can be turned to one day call in and used as sick days. But the 5 days of personal can be bid as one week of vacation or it can be used one day at time, this way it has be placed 8 days in advance.
  14. PACNW

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    If you called in sick 5 days in a row I'm surprised UPS didn't force you to bring in a doctor's note or make you take a fitness for duty physical before coming back to work.
  15. Exmachina23

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    First of all I love working at UPS its just that recently i have been stressed out because i been there for almost 5 years and i haven't gotten anywhere i'm almost making $14/hr and still only part time... I have been trying to switch to the night shift for the past 6 months with no progress.. And to make things worse I have a supervisor who is power hungry and try's his hardest to not let anybody off. I love working there and i dont mind the wait to become driver but i think its pretty ridiculous that i have been trying for 6 months to switch.

    Second of all it is my business too see who has the week off. How do i know hes not lying to me. I find it pretty strange that usually when i ask him in person if i can i have a certain day off or vacation week off he goes and checks in the supervisor office and then gives me an answer and he tells me who has it off. I find it very odd this time he texted me back within 1 minutes saying somebody has that week off and he wouldn't tell me who it is. I mean wouldn't you be suspicious?

    Especially after last week when i called in sick I told him on Thursday and Friday. He told me that he has to have me come in so i can take my annual training. I told him i cant come in and he told me I had to take it. I told him fine i could come in and take it at 9:30pm(shift starts at 5:30). We both agreed on me coming in and just taking the test and just leaving right after that. So one of my friends from night shift walks in the building early that day to pick up his check and the supervisors start hassling him to double for my shift and told him he'd only have to double until I get there. which basically implies he was just trying to get me to come and work instead. So your telling me you wouldn't be suspicious at all of him lying to me?

    I hate to sound like a complainer but i'm tired of being treated like a prisoner. I mean once he almost refused to pay me because i forgot my clock in card.


    I'm only a part timer for us we have to give a 2 weeks notice to get vacation. Which I am giving but i think my supe is lying to me saying somebody has it off when i dont think anybody does have it off

    and for the people who asked how i have more than 4 weeks of vacation... i guess i didn't take vacation for more than 2 years and they added up at the beginning of the year i had 40 days of vacation

    also they didn't ask for sick note because i called in mon-tue came in on wednesday and called in thur-fri... sick note only required after more than 3 consecutive days

  16. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    why would anyone call in sick every day five days in a row?

    You book off your first day out, you book on your first day back. That is a rookie move.
  17. washington57

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    After 3 years in I had 2 weeks vacation, 1 option week, 5 option days and 5 sick days.
  18. ikoi62

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    never heard of book off or book on?
    but here in NJ or at least in the building I'm in after 3 days you need a Doctors note.if you dont call in its a no call no show. a weeks worth and your out the door.
  19. iowa boy

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    I must work in the wrong part of the country...Under the Central Supplement after 3 years you get 2 weeks vacation, 1 option week, and 2 option days. Our option week is given in lieu of previously negotiated optional holidays and sick days.
  20. greengrenades

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    I don't believe that, I've been there almost hitting the 10 year mark, and I have 2 weeks vacation, 1 option week, and a handful of sick days. You don't get 5 option days and an option week.