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    Can supervisors work during the free period. In our center we have a situation where the supervisors are delivering routes claiming that they have the right because it is the free period and anything goes and there is no additional help available. Supervisors working in our center has been a continuous problem and greivences have been filed on a fairly steady basis with not much alleviation of the problem. My question is that do I have any basis to file a greivence during this time period..
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    X-don't know that anything can be done. You know they aren't going to put on new drivers this late in the game. I'd just keep filing grievances. Maybe you'll get some money out of the deal.
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    Im with wily, keep the grievances coming. They may not fix the problem immediatly, but they always make me feel like a gave it to the man just a bit.
  4. dannyboy

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    The "free period" that you refer to is not a throw the contract out the window free period. It refers to the new drivers not getting seniority during this time frame. The contract still applies.

    Lack of proper planing on their part does not constitute an emergency on ours. IE knew down to the last package what your center was going to have this year, and they knew it 5 years ago.

    So file and stay on them. And if your business agent does not follow through, post back. At the very least, some one will get paid for the time.

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    they do it here all the time,if more than 2 drivers call in sick one of the 3 remaining sups must go on road,and remain in touch with the ones back at the center.
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    There actually may be a few emergencies out there this year. Volume is up quite a bit over last year and over the plan. The "anything goes" response from the sups probably deserves a grievance on principle. If volume is up significantly over last year and plan then the center management person shouldn't have any problem making that case. The crystal ball can be a little cloudy at times.

    I wonder if the grievances actually get paid for this time of the year. It is the time when we usually slide out managment people to gain some delivery experience. Personally I think there are good times to file and times when you probably should back off. Many of us on the other side will also back off on any but the most aggregious discipline during this time period as we all try to work together to get through the peak surge.

    Keep in mind when you file you may be 100 percent right but if the center is screwed and has exhausted all other options then the only remaining options may be to load you up with more work or put the sups on the road. If you need a few more stops to round out your day then ask the sup to load you up and stay in his center.

    quick business update. I have to keep details vague for all the right reasons:

    Nasty weather hitting the east coast. snow, ice and freezing rain. looks like we will have some feeder drivers and loads get stranded throughout the region.

    The final surge is quickly approaching. Air volume may set records next week. Some big shippers asking for relief as fdx is unable to handle their volume. We in turn are then asking them to commit to switching volume to us in january in exchange for bailing them out in december. We are getting some very positive volume wins even as we go through peak. Very interesting times.
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    They do it here also, but the time is verified and the most senior driver is paid, if they do not take an hourly with them. If they leave, and the hourly meets them later on in the day, the time between leaving the building and them meeting the sup on road is paid to the most senior driver that wants the pay.

    In one of our neighboring centers, a supervisor tried to keep anyone from knowing he was out on road, and put a driver's name that had retired into the board, so as not to raise suspicion. Ended up getting fired for falsifying records.

    So file. Keep filing. Like I said, IE and Mike knew 5 years ago each and every stop you were going to have tomorrow. And if they did not hire enough drivers to cover the volume, that is not the fault of the hourly. As to drivers calling in sick, they have plans for that too, and it does not involve management delivering packages.

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    Your crazy anyone that files during this time of the year should have all 200 stops the sup is delivering added to their day and be made to deliver every package.
  9. dannyboy

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    And what would that serve? Missed packages? Service failures?

    Lack of proper planing on your part does not an emergency make on ours. Tie, of all people you should understand that concept?

    There are plenty of people that would work for UPS if the could, all you need to do is hire them, and then work them.

    Even though his post was bogus, No brown's example has more validity than you would think. Many people here apply, only to work this week 15 hours and next week 5-6. Why? And what good are they when they dont even know how to sheet a package or know what the bar code is.

    If you want free period, make it free from standards. Quit pinching sporh. That is not to mean we should not be held accountable, but worrying about .05 on the daily report when you are missing 200 per day, and your drivers are all 10-12 hours, working management to make the paid day look better is dishonest.

    So file. and if they cut the runs, work till your out of hours then shut it down.

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    Just the kind of knee jerk vindictive retribution that I would expect from your style of supervising.

    danny is right, management's underestimating that Christmas will be heavy doesn't give them the excuse to use all the supes instead of increasing the workforce.

    My center has won grievances on this issue at this time of year every year I have been a steward and before that as well.

    A bad snowstorm, a ton of sudden injuries or illnesses are an entirely different beast.

    In valid situations like that the union should (and in my center does) work with management to make service.

    Abuse because of inept planning or intentfully shorting the manning cannot be stopped, but you can make it pay.
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    Personally, I don't care if a supervisor runs a route this time of year. Mine always takes out an hourly if he can. In the old days, the company did everything it could to get everyone's Christmas presents delivered. We had temporary peak drivers, and the Customer Service Rep was in a rental truck with a map running splits off everybody. These days they probably can't work a DIAD. I started my fourth helper Friday.
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