Supplements voted down come deadline...

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    With 17 supplements voted down and 34 days before August 1st...does anyone know the real consequence if at least 1 Supplement doesn't pass...I heard because the master passed we won't be able to strike even if your local hasn't passed....I have also heard that even if 1 supplement doesn't pass there can be a national me this is very uncharted waters...anyone have any insight into this...because all of a sudden this is a very real situation..
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    Fill your bathtubs with water and stockpile some bread!!!
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    Yes. What will happen is that the current contract will get extended while re-negotiations and/or voting is happening. Even if those supplements or riders are all voted down again, they will try one more time, which would be the third try. If any supplements or riders are voted down that third time, then there could be strikes. But that would take months to get to that point. So start saving some cash. But do not panic now. It's way too early.
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    Frequently there are a couple of supplements that aren't approved for a long time and there is always an extension. I don't remember ever seeing a strike caused by supplements. But UPS will do little to negotiate now and will be in no hurry to clean up the supplements since the Master passed.
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    Screw water. If we strike it better be beer. Lol
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    Beer would bankrupt the strike fund. Just look at the bunch you work with and estimate the average beer consumption if they did nothing but stand around a picket line.
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    No strike. There would have to be a strike authorization vote for that to happen. The current union leadership has made it very clear there will be no strike, has anyone been paying attention.?
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    Peak season strike might make the company get serious?
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    Technically there could be a strike over supplements but in reality it won't happen. 3 no votes to a supplement = a strike vote as I understand it. But UPS will take their time and the supplements may take months to iron out but UPS will be sure to settle before the third vote. And the union would fight any strikes since this is the contract they approved and coerced into passage.
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    Think about it. The company will never leave itself open to strikes after september. To extend the deadline given the obvious sentiments of the members to reject the supplementals will NOT be allowed to happen. Why would the company give the members three bites of the apple?

    This would only project a strike sometime in late september or october, at the begining of peak. The company will never allow this to happen.

    Instead, from the companys position, a LOCK OUT on August 1st is the better play. We can argue amongst ourselves because of what the teamsters in our prospective locals did to us, but the company isnt obligated to play along with us. They will simply LOCK US OUT on August 1st and lay the contract on the table and say to us "ratify this P.O.S. or we will replace you all".

    You cant look at this situation only through the Unions options. You have to consider the companys position as well.

    The Fact that we are divided equally in half gives the company complete control over the situation. Why would they wait for us to reject the supplementals three times, and then authorize a strike?

    We lost this fight the moment Ken H. and Hoffa made this deal. We furthered the damage when our principle officers in the west did NOTHING to protect us. Those of you in the central or east coast who are angry that the supplementals have been shot down, please, direct your anger at the principle officers of the Southwest and West for NOT DOING anything to stop the taking away of our healthcare plans. They simply went along with the program and now you have members in the west committed to continue voting down the western regional supplement over and over until its changed.

    We rejected this contract and supplementals by a three to one ratio, and that number will only RISE if we are forced to vote again on the same contract. The vote count and rejection percentage will be even higher on a revote.

    We intend on making change, even though our principle officers feel that this contract is the best that can be done. If at the end of this whole process, we are stuck with this horrible contract ( in the west) then we shall systematically remove each and every principle officer involved in every local in the southwest. HEAR US CLEARLY.

    Now, we are fighting our own locals and not the company. That fight wont be allowed to happen. The company has placed us into a simple checkmate that nobody sees just yet.

    Stay tuned.


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    Well said Sir. I could not have said this any better.:happy-very:
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    Or it WILL be allowed to happen.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    The current agreement has been extended indefinitely until the supps, riders that didn't pass are settled. Either side can end the extension at any time with a 30 day notice.
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    Teamsters, UPS Agree To Extend Current UPS National Contract

    June 28, 2013 The Teamsters Union and UPS have agreed to an extension of the current UPS National Master Agreement and all Supplements, Riders and Addenda. The extension does not have a specific end date, but can be terminated by either side with a 30-day notice.
    This means that all of the current Agreements will remain in place until the Supplements that did not receive a majority of votes have been re-voted and agreed to. Any increases in wages, pensions and health and welfare contributions that were agreed to in the new National Master Agreement will be made retroactively to August 1, 2013 but will not take effect until the Supplements have been re-voted and agreed to.
    In addition, UPS has agreed not to implement the increase in retiree contributions to retiree health insurance on August 1, 2013 as set forth in letters that were sent out to Retirees in December of 2012.

    Teamsters, UPS Agree To Extend Current UPS National Contract | International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
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    These central states cry babies are in for a shock. Lets say you get the rest of the country to pay your bills with a new supplement. When Hoffa gets his bill passed in congress that will allow the Teamsters to cut already accrued pension benefits and even for those already retired you see what a real hair cut looks like.

    Keep spitting in the wind you revolutionaries.

  16. 3 done 3 to go

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    Will they just send out a mirror supplement? Will the 5 to 10k members who didn't get a ballot, send in retaliatory votes? Will they ever get to vote? I really think the union is shaking in their boots. They may be in discussion for 5 yrs.
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    There seems to be a lot of legal aspects of lockouts that to us laypersons seem very hard to understand. It seems that to lockout the whole bargaining unit and bring in replacement might be to daunting of a task. Could the company be selective and only lockout a portion of the bargaining unit, like for example a specific local or operation such as Local 89 or worldport where the no's so far out numbered the yes's?
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    Swing and a miss...
  19. I got the phone call yesterday evening with a recorded message stating the above ^^^^
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    Hmmm.. I never thought about that. The threat of a strike in nov/dec would hold a lot more bargaining power.