supv constantly threating job and harassing

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upsman39, Jan 16, 2011.

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    My supv has been making threats to my co worker of 33 yrs seniorty for many months now. Now he has started with me also. Both of us at the same time. Telling us he is going to fire us. I have 27 yrs. Don't know what's up. Yes we have filed grievances and contacted steward and union. But still keeps happening. He sneaks around behinds us watching us all day long. Any help would be great
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    You have 27 yrs in, your co-worker has 33 and you both don't know how to deal with supervisors like this? Ignore him and do the job the way that you were trained to do it. He will become bored and move on to someone else.
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    This should be renamed the incredible shrinking thread!!
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    Call Bristol Brown (if his Mom answers, ask for Marvin) - he knows how to deal with uppity supervisors.
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    He calls lp and has us excorted out. Says bet I won't get lp to throw you out ? And he did it on Friday. We ask what did we do. Says to us ill think of something
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    What I wonder is how someone could work for UPS for so long and not know anything about a steward or BA.:knockedout:
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    Like. I said before. Told steward already. In fact two stewards and our business agent. He was told to stop. Stops for a day or two and comes back even worse. Union steward. HR dept and labor manager told and still nothing
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    Oooops, so you did. I should read more carefully. :peaceful:
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    Call the 1-800 # and report him to corporate.
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    This is a part-time supervisor right? When my part-time sups have tried to boss me around or become ridiculous I just talk smack to them back and they leave me alone. I've got in several verbal wars with sups, even full-time managers. Just let him know who's boss and don't budge. He'll begin pestering the next employee he feels is weak.
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    Yeah right! LOL
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    The best type of supervisor to mess with Make sure all confrontation is in front of other hourlys. That way you have a witness.
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    Its the truth. I know what lines not to cross. I don't know how it works in most hubs. But, in mine its almost impossible to get fired.
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    So did you both just go home Friday? Was anything said about you reporting Monday? In my opinion, and if everything you say is correct, you got a paid day off Friday and how every many days it takes to call you back to work. I hope you had witnesses to the walk out and what the supe said to you. Your BA should be all over that like flies on sugar.
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    It's getting pretty deep in here.....
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    Fulltime supv
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    and once again this problem is happeneing in "LOCAL 804"
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    sounds like age discrimation.check with labor union.
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    Yes another problem at 804: it feels like we are on our own lately. No one has your back. This was the best local when I started in 83. I wish they would seek help and advice from another ups local or from other teamster union before it gets out of hand.