SWA and TWU agreement

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    SWA and the TWU have reached a tenative agreement for 8k ramp workers. Congrats to SWA for making employees share in success of their company. LUV has always made their employees happy and share in the profits.
  2. SWA and the TWU "negotiated" a contract which means give and take instead of TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE! The UPS dispatchers (TWU) settled their contract in less then a year.
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    its kinda funny youre praising southwest when a couple years back they got hit with all sorts of fines for missing maintence inspections and other maint problems......and they werent using asia "chop shops" as youd say they were using the good ole american worker.
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    Again you are speaking when you dont have a clue what you're talking about. SWA mechanics are not represented by the TWU. AMFA represents SWA mechanics.

    Also the "employee" who are keep track of when a specific task is due is usually a managment employee. So if an inspection is not assigned, a mechanic will have no clue it was due.
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    Drooled, you are an expert on every post, every topic, every thread. You are a jack of all trades and master of none. You can drive, fly, mechanic, deliver, pe, ie, and wash vehicles, and manage from top to bottom. Heck I also can do every job at UPS, except fly and drive, and I admit it.
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    Those TWU employees load bags and clean aircraft, drewed should explain that in the next post after he explains how pe workers repair belts.
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    Airbus, using your logic UPS is just like SWA, its a profitable company that gives raises to its "grunt" workers and doesnt push the maint and safety of aircraft as they should. It doesnt matter that what job functions they got a new contract for my point is you are praising a company that using your logic is doing the exact same thing as UPS but you dog UPS at every turn
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    Your just digging yourself a deeper hole! Maybe you should just admit you were wrong and apologize. And finally only respond to threads/posts that you have knowledge of. IMO