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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Fullhouse, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I'm not sure where this thread ought to be posted, with that said I have a question for all the members out there.
    "What are some of the ways a mail in ballot election can be tampered with?"
    I've heard a story about ballots being mailed to the incumbents' family and friends, but I was wondering " Are there are any other ways to steal a mail in ballot election?" I'm sure there are a few teamsters whom have heard of a few slick tricks, so how about share them. :peaceful:
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    Family & friends only usually works great, especially when they are the only ones to actually receive a ballot.
    Ballots have been sent to old addresses, dead members, and the best way to win is not to let anyone know that there is a election going on.:knockedout:
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    I remember the first time I voted in a Teamster Election. It was the late seventies and my Local rented a room at an old seedy motel that was near a Yellow Freight Terminal in Marietta Ga. This was closer to my house than driving to Atlanta, so I went there. It reminded me of a scene out of "The Godfather". There were three fat guys sitting around a card table smoking cigars. The Ballot Box was sitting on the table that was covered by a sheet. I have always wondered if there was :censored2: in the box and table with a trash can underneath to collect the ballots. The only thing one of them said to me was "Thank youse for doing your duty......" If there was a stove with someone stirring the marinara sauce, the picture would have been perfect. There were rumors they used to settle a few local contracts with some well placed sticks of dynamite...................
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    I remember those guys. Pauly, Sonny and Vito.
  5. rod

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    We had 3 of those types show up one morning at the am and announce "We are the bad asses from the Union" They then went on to get 100% participation in the D.R.I.V.E. program. That was the last we ever seen of them. They honestly could of been actors in a Godfathers movie.
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    We had them show up at the door this morning with Obama literature. I guess I was suppose to be intimidated.:surprised:
    I told them politely no, and maybe they should be monitoring what time we are getting off the roads during these treacherous storms instead of spending my dues on worthless papers.
    He said "ok we will talk to your BA", and my response was " oh we have one now?"
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    No corruption with the teamsters, and you thought I was kidding about not having a BA.

    International Union Takes Control of Teamsters Local #377

    The International Teamsters Union has taken temporary control over Local 377 in Youngstown.
    A trustee from Pittsburgh and five International union representatives have been brought in to run the local, and put an end to political in-fighting.
    Two union officers, Ray DePasquale and Chris Colello have been suspended for two years for corrupt activities during the last election.
    The local will remain in trusteeship until a new election is held.
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    I wish you alot of luck in this time of transition. Im sure it will be better for all of the members within your local, i hope other locals are watching and realizing they have been given a great task to represent the members. If your content than you have no business as an agent and need to go back to your craft. Good luck 377 members.