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  1. wannabeups

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    I have been going to a tattoo parlor. I am getting the UPS logo tattooed on my chest. It is about done. I was gonna have him do a tattoo with a set a doubles "feeders" going across my back.

    I was thinking about getting the UPS airplane tattooed on my right forearm and a package car on my left.

    A UPS are you allowed to have tattoes showing?
  2. therodog

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    i give up
  3. speeddemon

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    Are you a crack baby?
  4. wannabeups

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  5. trickpony1

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    Why don't you get your IQ tattooed on your forehead?....shouldn't take much ink.
  6. swingdriver

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    good one monte
  7. montecarlo11

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    nothing wrong with you.
    but sorry, that also would not be a fact
  8. wannabeups

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    trick pony,

    that is not a bad idea