TCD (cover driver) anyone?

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    Recently bid on a TCD job in my hub in hopes of my own route one day. Meanwhile I have an interview scheduled with another company, not FRED, on Monday. I've been brown since Jan '06 and like the company. Will I have to temp for 3-5 yrs for seniority or is earlier driver route possible? Have heard both good and bad things about TCD job but I need fulltime work. Loading feeders ain't cutting it.Any thoughts on cover driving? Holla!
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    How long you will have to wait to go full-time depends on where you are working and how many are on seniority list ahead of you. The fact that you are bidding to start as a TCD after 5-6 months sounds like you won't have to wait that long. Ask your shop steward and your supervisor, they will have a better idea about how long it takes at your location.