TDU Leader bankrupts Local

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BigUnionGuy, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. BigUnionGuy

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    TDU leader Sandy Pope has bankrupt Local 805 and slashed members pensions by 2/3

    Am I missing something ?

    Maybe.... that's why she is posting pics from Florida.... on Facebook.

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    Wow...or more like wtf?
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    Look at my avatar picture. A license plate. This was Fred Z's from a couple years ago at the ibt convention. Our business agent snapped a pic of it. Oh how things change in a short amount of time.
  5. Mike hunt

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    He's kind of a hero where I'm from by I have my wonders about him. Will he be the next TDU flop.
  6. BigUnionGuy

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    They won't say anything.

    Look at the "Take Back our Union" pics.

    You won't see her.

    She has 2 Facebook accounts.

    One for "Sandy".... and then, her real name.

    Typical.... TDU diversionary tactics.

    They lie.

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    I remember years ago on the picket line helping with Overnite I was talking to other BA's about TDU being I didn't really know much about them. They just told me their ideology was good but was impossible. They also told me on how they would take over a local and then the International would have to come back in and bail them out. Seems to me it's a group that sits back and finger points.
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    It is a sociopathic ideology.

    All you have to do.... is look at them.

    I work for a living.

  9. 3 done 3 to go

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    Guess she won't be running again. Sad thing is most of the other locals are headed in the same direction. Hoffa wasn't the answer either
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    I get it. You're anti TDU. I'm no TDU fan either but this really starts from the top down. Hoffa is a know nothing do nothing figure head who got elected becsuse if his last name. Change it to anything else and he's a one term GP that is considered a complete failure. Instead we have an over weight dufus allowed to live off his daddy's legacy as a leader. Reform is needed from the top down whether it's "old guard" or "tdu." Locals need to consolidate and slash where ever they can to reduce overhead.
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    So Sandy bankrupting her local is JH's fault? You guys are unreal, she screws up the local and the pension fund and it isn't her fault. Typical, blame someone else.
  12. 5habits100

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    That's why she stopped traveling the country with the other boys. Her and her TDU pals would bankrupt the IBT if we were unfortunate and they got elected.
  13. 710 steward

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    What I said was it is from the top down. Hell yes it's her fault. This collapse of leadership we are experiencing is troubling and it makes me fear this could become the beginning of the end.
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  15. Lead Belly

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    My local is solvent. It can be done.
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    Quoting as a legit source is questionable. L805 has had diminished membership in the last few years but their net assets have actually increased in 2013 by $46,000 which is fairly substantial being their total net is only $218K. That isn't bankruptcy, and as a pct increase is better than most locals.
    Some people take vacations, and post pics on Facebook, others stay home and post on BC.
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  17. realbrown1

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    Your source is a teamster blog?
  18. BigUnionGuy

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  19. 710 steward

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    I am going to say this for the very last time. Regardless how you "try" to classify me, I am not and will not become affiliated with TDU. I am a reformer. Neither Hoffa supporters nor TDU personnel offer the leadership or the ability to lead in a changing economy.
  20. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Funny how you talk about a TDU local that assests have grown the last few years as being bankrupt.

    But you are totally silent on an Old Guard local that has been bleeding cash for over 12 years and is in the negative in assets like local 952.

    The union is getting closer to bankruptcy. Here are the official net assets per year as reported by P. Kelly in March of 2014:

    2008 $768,159.00

    2009 $570,037.00

    2010 $197,900.00

    2011 $165,714.00

    2012 -$17,643.00
    2013 -$221,664.00

    Funny how you went after a TDU local, when there are clearly Old Guard locals in much, much worse shape. Funny?

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