Teamster Union Worker (Driver) Gets Customer X-mas Cash Incentive

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  1. Driver Helpers perspective, Now the story here goes; I was doing my fourth day as a driver helper god forbid me having all the perks and benefits of a union worker. I mean c'mon man I wish I had the insurance to get my fillings in and my wisdom teeth removed. I'm getting paid $9.25 an hour. So In the middle of our route, while my driver (7 plus years in) isn't the worse guy. Although he loves watching me run back to the truck as I struggle and die after four days of grueling cumbersome quarter mile country road drive-ups. There was this one instance where he pulled up to the FREAKING GARAGE door the day before, and today made me walk the whole drive way. After explaining I had IT-band syndrome which is a horrible knee pain and only to start in my mid twenties. Well, there was one specific stop where the customer keeps a red bin outside the door and the third day decides to show up for the stop. Now the customer HANDS ME A CASH INCENTIVE envelope that I can clearly see a TEN DOLLAR BILL bleeding through plus even more CASH MONEY somewhere in between there. But, my driver insists he takes it. There was a awkward silence after this moment. I mean C'MON MAN! I should recieve it. I am broke, hungry, out of work by tomorrow and have atleast a dozen bandages on my body. But he takes it, and the guilt was in the air most definitively. Now, I am riding empty on my gas tank and I pray to god I make it to my next and final destination for the driver helper gig.

    Cliff Notes:
    --U.S citizen happy to receive job from UPS, not minding that I don't receive the driver's hourly pay and Teamster union benefits.
    --Respect the teamster union more than anything working for UPS. Plus I find out what the perks and benefits are for the drivers. Especially the driver's hourly pay.
    --Limping and in tearful pain for long walks to customers property as a "SEASONAL EMPLOYEE," with driver already knowing this information.
    --Driver takes envelope after customer hands me the cash incentive that I already know is wrong to accept anyway after company's police on this manner at orientation.
    --Sad, Depressed, lonely, hungry and feeling it.

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    Just be glad you are not a part-time hourly making less per hour with the drivers selling you down the river in every contract. :wink2:

    Merry Christmas
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    Unfortunately , we ( the driver) struggle year rond for that holiday tip! if the customer just handed you a few bucks cash in hand maybe it was just a tip & rightfully yours, but considering it was in a card and or nice card envalope im pretty sure that was his holiday tip.... not a cash incentive as you stated, and I have never been told not to accept tips!
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    You should never expect to work at UPS.
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    I always split my tips w/ my helper, provided I had the same helper throughout the peak I fed them , got them shopping discounts on route, and gave them a nice bonus at the end of the season (cash or gift card $100.00 or more)
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    I gave my helper $50 plus a $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card that I received from a customer.

    I have been reading your posts and you sound like the spokesperson for Generation Me. "What's in it for Me? What about Me?" Yes, your driver was a dick for not giving you part of that tip, but as Crash said he has to deliver that stop all year while you have only been doing it for four days.

    As for the "company policy on tips"--they know fully well that we receive tips--they simply want us to remember that we are not to equate the level of service to the amount of the tip and that we should never expect a tip.
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    This isn't most likely what you want to hear but...

    Being a helper is more of a foot in the door, an opportunity to get a part time gig in this company.

    You need to suck it up a little bit bud, you're going to need thicker skin than that to make it here.
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    I've even had a driver delivering a regular stop of mine that I don't deliver at Christmas say "here's a present from the Smiths", they told me to make sure you got it.
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  10. That is a scary realization, I will see where this takes me. Now I am getting a free visit to the doctor's provided by UPS and I fully appreciate that. But, I have real problems that have limited my full capacity to work at one hundred percent. I am not a shiest-er.
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    Get a life.

    The driver delivers all year to his customers they tip him for his service for the year not for one day.
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    I received four cookies, two cupcakes, and a card and whatever was in an envelope that was addressed Ups driver. I shared the cookies and cupcake with my helper and gave the envelope to the regular driver. He delivers all year long and I accepted that gift on his behalf. I think that is what the code should be.
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    When I was a swing/cover driver I always gave the regular driver any envelopes /cash I was given during peak. I always ate the sweets.
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    What you should do is slip and fall in the truck call a comp lawyer and sue the sh/t out of them. Its a joke what UPS pays them , no wonder why many of them steal. The best is when drivers complain about their helpers , I always say Jackass they get 8 dollars an hour........... Promise them the world , thats what UPS does.... Workers in sweat shops get treated better.....Most drivers feel bad and take care of them , for years I would buy my helper lunch every day , even got him a rain jacket and gloves... UPS BLOWS....
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    I had a nice surprise yesterday--the driver who was delivering an add/cut off of my area handed me a card from one of my customers which was simply addressed "for the regular UPS driver". It was a $15 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. He could have kept it and I would have been none the wiser but he did the right thing and I thanked him for it.
  16. I KNEW THIS WAS MY TICKET TO FAST CASH! I'm still suffering from a pain in my leg that wont go away. The management were treating me like a king when I arrived to pick up my check and also get the doctor's visit. I have a lawyer as well. Is it too late? Should I extract some $$$ or what?!?! The doctor was trying to make me say I didn't get hurt at work when I did. The management were shaking in their boots telling me that oh there shouldn't be anything wrong with your leg, even though I am limping and suffering. I SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND TAKE ACTION THIS IS A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. A MILLION OR TWO SHOULD'NT HURT THEM.
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    Your not going to get any money.

    Even if you did it wouldn't be untill after your injury is healed which mean going to see a doctor the Dr is going to send you to a a physical therapist which you probably see for a couple of months. When all is said and done a year or two from know what ever you get you will have to pay back workmans comp if your planning on collecting workmans comp. Tthen the layer is going to take his 3rd you probably won't end up with anything.
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    It may be hard for some of us older guys to realize, but the job market for the younger guys right now absolutely sucks. I personally think driver helping is a wonderful opportunity, and is above average compared with the other first-jobs these kids could be getting.

    My brothers first job was at a retirement home cleaning up after older people, literally wiping their rear end for them in the bathroom, and he made minimum wage, no benifits, no opportunity for advancement.

    My first job was on-call helping a contractor build a new housing developement. I would sweat my balls off for maybe two or three hours a day of intense labor in the hottest part of summer. All that for maybe 10 hrs a week at $5 an hour.

    Driver helping in my opinion is a great job and wonderful opportunity, I dont in any way think us drivers, or ups, is taking advantage of them in any way
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    As Aerosmith would say "Dream On".
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    What the heck, Dude.

    You got the job to help the driver.

    If you have all these knee problems then why in your right mind would you even try to take on a job like this?

    They did tell u it was seasonal right!!!!

    Just immagine doing what you did and also have to do the driving, planning how you run the route, and deal with the critics we like to call, MANAGERS ALL YR> ROUND BABY.

    Do it perm full time then you might get a crack at complaining.

    You got extra income this season thanks to US.

    Go threw some of these threads and figure out our drivers real delema's. All yr round, without help, be4 u make a thread like this.

    We appreciate the helpers but we don't ask for helpers that can't hang.