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    Countdown on Teamster Future

    November 9, 2006. The vote count for the International Union election will begin on Tuesday, November 14, when ballots will be tallied for Teamster General President and 28 other International Officers. The outcome will determine whether our union “stays the course” with Hoffa or moves in a new direction, with Tom L and rank and file power.
    As of November 9th, 280,000 ballots were received in Washington, about 20% of 1.4 million Teamsters. Hoffa has poured millions of dues dollars into get-out-the-vote advertising, but for the last eight years, Hoffa has kept members in the dark and done little to promote rank-and-file participation in our union.
    Turned off by weak contracts and benefit cuts, many Teamsters are alienated from our union. No wonder voter turnout is low.
    The votes will be counted by local union, and in regional order: first the East, then Central, South, West, and finally Teamsters Canada. TDU will keep members informed and will later publish the results for all Local Unions, as TDU has done for each election.
    TDU has worked hard to make sure Teamster members have a choice. Now we look toward the future, and invite you to join us.

    Teamsters for a Democratic Union
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    I have been telling people to vote. The one thing we need to do is move the vote so that it is not at the same time as the national political vote. We also need to move it to the summer time due to the fact that it is also right before the holidays when people are pre-occupied with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and peak in general. It is very sad that only 20% have voted. I hope that a big rush flow in at the last minute.
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    Ive been doing my best to get apathetic part timers to VOTE LEEDHAM with some degree of success
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    Votes not looking good for Leedham so far.:crying:
  5. SteveOUPS

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    I didin't even get a ballot :(
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    Maybe with the low turnout, more people are looking into the APWA than the "Reamsters" are and were anticipating. Maybe IF Hoffa is re elected, those who are fed up with the way the Teamsters is being ran, will at least look into the APWA more seriously. As I have said in the past few months, the "REAMSTERS" will no longer receive any of my dues money, HOFFA or no HOFFA.

    I would say with the low voter response, Hoffa will probably be re elected.
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    In comparison to the 2001 election, the number of ballots submitted is higher, not lower. Your faith in the PAPER TIGER aka. APWA is commemenable, good for you. However, politics are in every aspect of our lives. Having tunnel vision, keep your eyes on the prize, putting all your eggs in one basket, and burning bridges, can be harmful. At this point the divide and conquer theory is working well for UPS. I wish you well.
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    twnjrspc, Thank you, I respect your opinion. There are other people who need to take notes from you. It is OK to disagree with someone, and there is a RIGHT way to disagree. You just did it the right way. Some people on this forum act very CHILDISH in some of their remarks. I think you know exactly what I mean.
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    respect his opinions? he has none. He spouts propaganda like he is reading it as he goes. Corporate will have to take some lessons if they ever want to step up to TWN's level of BS.
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    Keeping your eyes on the hope that the teamsters will someday get things right is even more dangerous and harmfull, take the responsibility for your livelihood by getting rid of them and voting and supporting the APWA.
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    Aw, how cute! You talk like you have the ability to comprehend complex ideas!
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    This seems to be an anti Hoffa slate forum, SO...; Sorry but I voted for the slate and I'm glad they won. Teamsters are stronger than ever now. Thank you Jimmy!

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    You obviously aren't in the central states area.