Telematics Discipline?

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  1. tourists24

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    Sober's recent thread about the telematics got me to thinking... now that its in at several locations I was just wondering if there are any cases (grievances and/or firings) that are headed to panel or are there any panel decisions that we could use as telematics start to spread to a center near you?
  2. barnyard

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    UPS owns the trucks and wants us to follow some rules when we drive them. If you do not follow the rules, you get punished, possibly even losing your job.

    I do not have a problem with that.

  3. klein

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    I think UPS would be better off using dash cams like police do.
    Atleast we wouldn't be pulled into the office, if there is a road closure, contruction, or a traffic jam/accident . And even a cam in the back, so they can see it took 30 minutes to unload 200 packages.
    Or 10 min to unload a 250lb quad or piece of furniture, and deliver it to the door.
  4. yeldarb

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    The problem is, Telematics isnt perfect. There are all sorts of flaws. Seatbelt malfunctions, shows its not being worn when it is. Bulkhead door might not close completely, and opens on a turn. My P12 while turned off takes 8 seconds for everything to shut down completely, so if I stop complete a stop, it shows a recording while idleing. Because of that, my idle time is high, much higher than when I was in my P10, and they are trying to figure ways for me to reduce it. They have told me that I need to carry my diad to the porch, and stop complete as late as possible so I dont get the recording while idle. It is not the perfect system. Why should someone be punished if there truck is more prone to getting something more often?
  5. yeldarb

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    and take a leak in a gatorade bottle?
  6. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Well, our new preloaders are soo money hungry, they steal our p bottles away for deposit money ! Seriously, had my driver next to me complaining "his bottle" is always missing.

    I gave up myself, did it the old fashion way, slide door open and go for it..LOL
  7. Diego

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    Just a note if someone sees you peeing and calls in on you for exposure you get fired. Drive to a restroom and use the proper facilities. They can not prevent you from that. Of course use you brain do not do the same thing everyday, then they can do something about it.
  8. yeldarb

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    In our center, the minute you break trace, to use the restroom or whatever, your coded on your break. Telematics has a way of making simple things, difficult.
  9. Diego

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    What if you have taken all your break?
  10. tourists24

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    there's a lot more to it than that barn.... it's not about just following the rules. Telematics has opened up a lot of possible scenarios to which questions need to be settled. The whole "when does lunch start" thing should be clearly defined. UPS wants it done one way and that way raises questions. But it is more than that,,,, as was earlier said,,, telematics isnt perfect. I am just interested in what is coming to our region and would like to hear of what to expect.... keep that info coming Sober
  11. Diego

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    I get a message everyday "you had 1 bulkhead door event, please reduce". Then I get in and driver off and turn curve and bulkhead door flings open and I think damn I got one for tommorrow too.
  12. City Driver

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    alot of truck drivers have those dashboard cameras, i think tis a good idea, it could save your job
  13. soberups

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    Next time you are in a rural area and see a road crew, construction crew or farm labor crew at work....notice the fact that their employer almost always provides a porta-potty for the crew to use.

    UPS wants us to follow their trace...and meet their service commitments (NDA by 1030, savers by 3, pickups within 15 min etc.) while taking our breaks and lunches within their contractually agreed upon time frames.

    Thats all well and good but if you have successfully jumped thru all of these hoops and as a result you are out in the middle of nowhere at your break or lunch time and you gotta take a dump...the company should not have the right to tell you "too bad, take your break where you are parked, no breaking trace to find a bathroom on our time."

    They cant have it both ways. In my location they are wanting to start strictly enforcing the time frames when breaks or lunches are taken, as well as denying the ability to break trace on the clock. This is BS and we are going to be fighting it. If they want to control and micromanage us that much then they should rent portable toilets and put them out on the delivery area for the driver to use "on trace."

    Contract or not we are human beings and when you gotta go you gotta go. It is not professional or appropriate to ask a customer for permission to come into their home and nuke their bathroom.
  14. some1else

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    sobber just please stay hydrated.

    sobber dont use the bathroom all day.

    *hmm just wanted to see what it felt like to be your center manager ;)
  15. Jones

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    You reckon his center manager calls him "sobber"?
  16. over9five

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    Any Teamster driver who is going to let UPS dictate when and where they can use a bathroom is not worthy of the name.

    You guys have to put a real fast end to this nonsense. They're only doing it because so far no ones called them on it. It's ridiculous, and it will not stand.
  17. Old International

    Old International Now driving a Sterling

    I drove a rural route, and I told my center manager that bears did it in the woods, and so do I. The only time I would break that is if I just couldn't find a spot safe enough, I would spread a double rain bag out over an upside down handtruck, and take care of business in the back of the package car, makeing sure I deposed of properly.
  18. Dizzee

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    Everybody now...

  19. UnsurePost

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    If you break trace to use a bathroom on a break and are in the office the next day being scorned and reprimanded, the next time you need to use the bathroom , dial 911 and have an ambulance come get you and bring you to the emergency room because you are having issues with your kidneys. Make it right around 10am.
  20. over9five

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    That's what I'm talking about!!!!!