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    My area had Telematics implemented about 4 months ago. Much has changed since the program started; UPS has promoted many myths about Telematics that have turned out to not be true.

    When the company first rolls out Telematics in a new area, it will begin with a "backing reduction campaign." Each driver will receive training and intense scrutiny over the number of times per day he/she puts the truck in reverse. Each driver will be given an "allowance" per day which is arrived at by expecting a 25% reduction in backs from the previous average. There will be printouts every morning listing the number, distance and speed of every back by every driver for the previous day.

    This campaign will last about 2 weeks before being completely forgotten and replaced with the next phase which will focus on seat belt usage, keeping the bulkhead door closed, and not pulling the DIAD while the vehice is moving.

    During this phase, employees will be badgered and harassed every morning over minor "glitches" in their Telematics reports. Did your wheels come to a complete stop before you pulled the DIAD? Was your bulkhead door open when you moved the vehicle 2 feet? Did your seatbelt latch .0001 of a second after the vehicle started moving? A "yes" to any of these questions will result in a printout, and a bunch of whining and nagging by your supervisor.

    Then one if by magic...this phase too will end. Excess backing and trivial seatbelt/DIAD violations will be ignored. On this day...the real fun begins and we get in to the real intent behind Telematics, which is to inflict the most intense level of scrutiny and production harassment that any driver has ever experienced.

    In this final phase of will be questioned and issued a warning letter for "failure to properly record breaks" if there is so much as a 90 second discrepancy between the time you record your break and the time that Telematics shows you "breaking trace" to drive to a suitable location for that break.

    In this phase...every single stop you do will have an allowance and the printout will show if you were "overallowed" for that particular stop.

    Every morning, the on-car sups will have a clipboard full of printouts and readouts. They will use this information to question, nag, whine and harass each employee about every perceived delay or instance of off-area travel.

    This micromanagement will go to ridiculous extremes; morning meetings will occur between a sup, the driver and his shop steward in which 30-40 minutes of driver time will be spent questioning the employee over a 1 or 2 minute discrepancy in his recorded lunch or break period.

    Did you go out to your truck after lunch and spend a couple of minutes sorting and lining up your remaining stops? Did you spend 1 or 2 minutes driving to the end of the block to take your break at a place with a public restroom and legal parking? Did you drive by 2 stops in order to get to a restraunt in time to beat the lunch rush? A "yes" to any of these questions is going to result in a metting the next morning in which you will be confronted and expected to explain yourself for these transgressions.

    UPS has been promoting myths about Telematics, touting it as a "safety" enhancement. This is a lie. The safety aspect is just a facade that is meant to conceal the truth, which is that Telematics is about increasing production by allowing a supervisor to micromanage every moment of a drvers day from behind the comfort of a desk.
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    i agree about increasing productivity...the rest is your opinion.
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    Sounds a lot like flavor of the week.
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    Someone has to say it:

    Glad I'm in Feeders and don't have to deal with this nonsense.
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    They spent $800 per vehicle to set this up.

    The safety stuff is all a flavor of the week. The production part of it is gonna be on the menu for good.
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    In feeders they used to post top speed, idle time, max and min RPMs from the IVIS in dispatch for drivers to see.
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    we have telematics in our area, you are pretty much right on except for the lunch and breaks they overlook the lunch skippers..

    the union could answer this in the next contract by limiting the number of stops per hour including pick ups i would say no more than 15 stops per hour unless the steward and bid driver sign off on some kind of waiver the union could say for safety reasons and ergonomic reasons no more than 15 an hour.

    The UPS Code of Business Conduct: Leading with Integrity

    We have become known to all who deal with us as people of integrity, and that priceless asset is more valuable than anything else we possess.
    James E. Casey, 1957
    UPS Founder
    We care as much about how we get results as we do about getting the results. Getting results at the cost of violations of laws or through unscrupulous dealings do more than violate our standards - they challenge our ability to grow our business and undermine our reputation.
    Mike Eskew
    Former UPS Chairman and CEO
    Focusing on "the right thing to do" has become a hallmark of UPS's culture. This legacy is fundamental to our ability to attract and retain the best employees, gain and keep the trust of our customers, create shareholder value, support the communities in which we operate and protect our reputation.

    lol what happened

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    Just wait,your turns coming. Deskomatics will make sure every phone call is for lead follow ups,pen usage is within company specs,you lift your butt while farting to prevent damage to company chairs,Chapstick is used to prevent chaffing during meetings with customers and superiors,etc.
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    Everything soberups posted is accurate with regards to my center, with the exception of the time frame. When we had our telematics orientation meeting, the tracking capabilities were explained, but by far the major emphasis was on the safety aspects of seat belt and bulkhead door monitoring. When I had my first telematics review about two weeks later it was all about time per stop, going off trace, spending excess time at lunch (six minutes in my case, at which point I was told I was no longer supposed to sort my shelves, just get along to the next stop and find the package then). Perhaps they are not even going to bother to pretend anymore that telematics is about safety?

    Most recently I was called into the office and asked to explain why there was more than one hour between one stop and the next. This was a misload for another town that I recorded as missed after I returned to the building. I was told that we are no longer allowed to record any stops in building. Fine. A couple days later my supervisor met me on route and told me the division manager wanted a warning letter issued me for recording in building again. I told him I hadn't, and when we checked it was a package I had sheeted as refused after completing my last pickup which takes over an hour to do, then returning to building.

    I wouldn't say I have been harassed, exactly, since telematics, but it's sad to see them waste so much time and expense on stupid s*** like this...
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    Stupid question : Doesn't telematics show how many packages you delivered at 1 single stop ?
    Just curious, because they pulled me into the office, asked me why I spent 35min at 1 address.
    (told then it was Walmart - unloaded 159 packages, and received 78.)

    From that day on, I made sure, on my big stops to enter the name of the company (staples, dollarstore, Walmart, etc).

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    We still don't have telematics. We have had PASS about 5yrs going on I think 6. I was wondering if in the downturn of the economy they would wait on telematics. Does the "I don't recall" answer still work?
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    the genius behind this stupid idea can show how grand an idea this is at peak
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    I think I'm going to print that out(if it's ok with you) and hang it above all the urinals for some really interesting reading material.

    We don't have this yet, but it will be here soon.
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    Am I understanding that if you know how telematics works,you would take the time to do nothing wrong?
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    are your feeder tractors governed at a certain speed?
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    Yes 67mph, a few years ago some were set 74mph. Back in 1997 the sleeper teams Freightliner Centuries were at 74mph. Most of drivers got speeding tickets in Ohio which was 55mph for trucks.
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    Seriously, what are we going to do at peak? Its really going to hurt keeping the bulk-head closed for 350 stops everyday. I guess if UPS wants it closed while I drive 50 yards, then it has to stay closed.

    If It were my personal business, I would let the door stay open in certain scenarios and bet nobody would get injured by a "flying package". I mean our heads are in front of a steel wall. Do we have heat seeking packages that will make left hand turns and hit us in the head, defying the laws of physics?

    I'm talking about delivering in tight, quiet streets and driving under 20 MPH.
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    i agree with you, its stupid...i use to just ignore it, but they keep pushign and pushing for these ridiculous policies (must use a dolly on anything over 10 lbs) things like that, i just follow the rules to a certain extent

    some things i just refuse to do, unless management is watching

    for example last week i had a delivery liftgate required, well the company refused to pay the liftgate fee which is like $30 so i was instructed to break down these 2 skids and unload them by hand

    now i have a liftgate and a pallet jack, do you really think im going to unload them by hand when i dont have to???? i told the guy you get a freeby today, and this isnt the first time ive done it
  19. trplnkl

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    Let's see if I understand this. Our company charges a customer an extra $30 if you use the pallet jack and lift gate? Our company would rather you spend the time to break down a pallet (skid) or more to deliver the stop if the receiver doesn't want to pay the extra?

    If this is correct, what moron made this decision and WHY?
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    Just be happy you have a job.