Terminations that stick/dont stick

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    I thought this would be an interesting thread, being that so many drivers are worried or always threatend with termination. The obvious cardinal sins are stealing, fighting. Just wanted feedback on people who have been terminated for stupid, or not so stupid things in their opinions. Im going FT here, and was failed 6 years ago for FT driver over a Misdelivery residental customer who called and complained. I want to pass this time around- Thanks
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    Don't work with someone who pitches your boyfriends package in the woods. I was taken 'out of service' for this. Seriously. The stupid crap people get suspended for/'terminated' for is just unreal.
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    Years ago, I had some chick pitch MY package in the woods. I was taken "out of service", also, until the ointment started to take affect.
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    I know someone can get fired and never come back if they break the cardinal sins. I know there's three, but I heard there's eight. Can someone tell me the rest?
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    Sleeping with your managers daughter
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    It's a lot easier to remember one thing, do your job and do it safely, by the methods, and never do anything to put yourself in a situation where your integrity can be questioned. Do those things and you really don't need to worry about the "cardinal sins".
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    six weeks for a missed scan. no back pay.
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    SEXUAL HARRASMENT !!!!!! Think it,,,don't say it !! Smile and walk away!!
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    The game they play here is to take a position of discharge, whether it is contractually viable or not, then leave you on ice for a day/week or more, then offer you your job back reduced to a suspension time served at the local level hearing. At this point the employee/grievant is put to a decision, do I take the deal and define my monetary loss, or do fight and risk losing additional days/weeks/months? Most here, due to the politics of our state panel who next to never awards back pay, take the deal. Problem with that is that it an admission of guilt and very damaging in any subsequent hearings. I was once put to the same test and took the deal. Never again! I have since secured what is called employment insurance that covers my wages in the event that I am involved in a bonafide labor dipute. Anybody interested in learning more, feel free to PM me. Don't wait until it's too late. Protect yourself and your family now.
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    You're gonna B p.m. Boomed , Lol. If legit, I'm sure alot will B interested.
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    AHH, Man, I told u. LoL. Just post it as a new thread please?????

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    Hey bubble, Id like info on that insurance
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    Send him a 'Private Message'