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  1. Zigzag99

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    I am trying to start this for all drivers who have seen knew pkgs in there truck from knew shippers. I have said, I see Childrens Place, Abercrombie,, Dell and Boston Store. I think with peak here we should get a good taste of what we got from DHL.
  2. brownrodster

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    I did see a few Childrens place today. DHL is pulling out of our service area for good by the end of this week say our FT sups.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    It's funny you said Children's Place

    I also noticed a bunch of them just today.
  4. brownmonster

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    Kohls dept stores interoffice mail, some movie company sending and picking up at theatres, Anderson trucking co. I've also delivered several pkgs of UPS supplies to places that aren't presently our customers. Keep it coming.
  5. BigBrownSanta

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    I haven''t noticed any new shippers, but my deliveries at the post office have tripled this week.

    I delivered more packages to the post office today than I did on any day last peak.
  6. Jack4343

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    I deliver to around 10 different dentist offices on my route and most of them have been getting pre-paid labels and UPS supplies. They will also begin OCA's or hand me packages when I deliver to them. They are not becoming shippers themselves but Artistic Dental Labs are our new customer from DHL and they pay for shipping for these dental offices. It seems that DHL had alot of the dental business that will now be coming our way.

    Other than that, I've noticed plenty of Nordstroms as well as Dell Peripherals packages that we got from DHL. I'm not used to being able to DR anything of Dell's but they are DR-able. Also seeing some small businesses on my route getting supplies from UPS. Some of them I turned in as leads but I didn't get credit for the sell as they are represented by resellers such as WorldWide Express or Unishippers which were both selling DHL products but are now selling UPS services. They are in direct competition with drivers summiting leads as well as our own salesforce. From what I understand, they cannot contact any current UPS customers to get them to switch to them but they can go after new business. The account exec's around here are not happy with them at all as they have lost alot of driver's lead business because of these resellers that we sold before they made the conversion to UPS. I lost one lead myself. Sold the customer, had the salesperson contact them, set up their account only to be denied her commission (and mine as well) because they were previously represented by a reseller that then converted them to UPS. So a FYI, if you try to sell a current DHL customer, find out if they are represented by a reseller such as WWE or Unishippers because if they are, they will be converting to UPS anyway and you will not get credit for a lead.

    Sorry to throw the thread off a bit but wanted to let other drivers know that you will not get credit for reseller DHL leads.
  7. trplnkl

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    Didn't throw it off a bit, good info that we need to know. Thank you
  8. So thats why I never saw childrens place before lol. Both of my malls get about 80+pcs for that store a day. Makes life difficult on already packed mall cars, but hey I'll take the volume haha.
  9. barnyard

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    One of the guys in my center turned in the lead for Anderson Trucking.

    I am getting OCAs for lab specimens. This used to be DHL volume. It is all prepaid labels and the shipper calls in for a pick up. I have 3 on my route now.

  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Any chance of converting these to daily P/U s?
  11. barnyard

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    I've asked all of them and they all said that it is pretty unpredictable volume. One place has had 3 PUs over the last 2 weeks, another just started today and another is trying to meet me when I pick up at a place near them (hospital dock.)

    At each place, I introduced myself, showed them how to complete the labels and gave them a range of times that I would typically PU. I also made notes for each to put in the route summary for when I am on vaca.

  12. zeus2ez

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    Is there any way to gauge what additional volume acquired from DHL will still be here after Peak? Will it be enough to decrease expected lay-offs?
  13. browniehound

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    I posted earlier about an account that we picked up that ships chemicals and haz-mats and that it didn't dawn on me for some time that we must have gotten the account from DHL. DUH! to me.

    The company is Aldrich and I'm delivering at least 15 a day. This is great for UPS because its exactly what we want. A large shipper with deliveries destined entirely for businesses.

    I was talking to a soon to be unemployed DHL driver and he told me that the town I deliver in will now gain 150 stops per day from Nordstrom! I know this is the volume UPS probably doesn't want as bad as Aldrich Chemical, but 150 residential delivery stops sounds like another route in town to me:happy2:.

    Instead of cutting the baselines they will have to keep the routes in because of these packages.

    The DHL driver I spoke with is losing his job. He also said that DHL once had 17% of the ground market. If we get only half of that it will mean more jobs at UPS or at least no layoffs in the 1st quarter of next year.
  14. buttere

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    I've been seeing lots of Dell and Kohl's packages. We are also picking up some DHL accounts here.
  15. Zigzag99

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    Well my friends I have seen Lands End, thrown around here a bit. We have no official word, but I had at least 15 pkgs from them today. These basic pks have to be killing the post office.
  16. LLTailor

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    I also see a few DHL boxes getting shipped in ULD containers once in awhile. That and a bunch of 1-800-flowers and sometimes a box with a FedEx label too.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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  18. Zigzag99

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    Our volume is up over 7% in our center over last year. Pick up volume up over 4% over last year. two week in a row. So yes I would think DHL has made a Diffrence. As for layoffs they happen every year all over the U.S it is nothing knew that low drivers get laid off for a few weeks during Feb March April. You think UPS would work the guys in progretion and give top rate drivers the option to just take off. It would not get past the first three guys before someone said "Ill go home". Most drivers with 20 plus are there for the insurance and in a 10 year holding pattern waiting for the big 30 to GET OUT! I wish everyone would look at the whole picture things do change over time but we work for a company that has been around for 100 years. It is up to us to make sure it stays around another 100. I wish everyone would stop pointing fingers and just make UPS the best. DHL went under not because of there brand but because of there service and there employees.
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    I feel sorry for some of the dhl people. I feel sorry for our people that are layed off more. THE scabs at fed x ground i hope they are next.