Thank You FedEx/Anthem Blue Cross

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    I don't know if discussing it here had anything to do with it, but Anthem decided to pay for my stress test! Sent me a statement saying they paid $2103.88 of the $7200 and that I wasn't responsible for the remaining $5,096.12 as it was in excess of the allowed expense for a participating provider. This after my provider sent me a bill for $7200 last week, second one sent, saying it was going into collections in 14 days. Whew!! Tonight I like my company alot more than I did.
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    Make sure you follow up with your provider. Do not take it for granted that the account has been settled.

    I'm glad things worked out for you. Dave.
  3. vantexan

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    Thanks Dave, good idea.
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    Whew!! Glad to hear it!!
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    You may not have noticed, but when the discussion of health care got hot and heavy, the number of people tuned-in to this site jumped from it usual 20-something to the mid-60's. You might have got some direct attention from Memphis because you are "making waves". They would hate for that number to hit somewhere in the 200's.
  6. vantexan

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    Probably not good if it got out that their healthcare insurance could get their employees in serious financial trouble. But they did come through so I'm going to let people know that. This after ruling it medically unnecessary earlier.
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    You've just given them the favorable PR they wanted. I'm glad Fred let a few moths go free.
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