Thank's Feeder driver whoever the hell you are (sarcastic)

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    There is this bathroom in our hub with a connected locker room in the back of it. When my shifts ended (sunrise ends about 8:30-9am) I made a habit of going into that locker room and changing into my motorcycle gear for the right home. I liked changing there because the place is clean and for the most part vacant at that time of day. I would go in there and change my pants and get my jacket on and boots and get all my stuff packed away before leaving.
    Made conversation with some feeder drivers who were mostly good guys working hard to make ends meet just like me.

    Anyway last Monday I am in the locker room changing and a feeder driver comes through. He is a guy I have always seen around but one that never responded to my good mornings or hellos, no big deal the guy works hard and doesn't want to say hi for whatever reason.

    He comes into the locker room while I am changing and all of a sudden asks if I work feeder. I tell him no of course not I work on the sort isle. He then tells me I have no business in this locker room and that he is going to report me to management. I tell him that I was unaware I wasn't supposed to be in there and that I would not come in there again, and that I was sorry. He responds by telling me that's what they all say, and that he would take care of it. I said he would not see me in there again. That was a promise I would honor too. So I migrated to the other side of the building far away from where I work and changed in there in the dirty stall. I wasn't happy in there but I was doing what I had to do.

    Then this morning halfway through my shift I get called from my work area and go to see a full time supervisor. He tells me that it was reported that I was using facilities that I wasn't authorized to use and that I was going to be disciplined for it. He then tells me that I will be suspended for two days for this offense. I was floored by this. I told him that I had not returned to that locker room after being told not to come there. He didn't care. I got a shop steward involved and even though he fought as best he could the suspension was upheld and I was told to leave the building. Now I am out of work for two days and :censored2: off to no end.

    Any ideas on what to do? I regret ever going in that locker room now but there was nothing that made it apparent to me that the room was off limits to me. No signs, nothing.

    So any advice on what to do? Should I just take it ******and move on?
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    1. It was inappropriate for any Union employee to get you in trouble that way, especially for something so relatively trivial. If it were stealing or doing something very unsafe that you did not respond well too it being brought to your attention then involving Mgmt would be appropriate. If you responded the way you said you did he should have just left it at that.

    2. The reason Feeders usually have their own locker room is that many times we store CB radios and such in there because we might not use the same tractor every day. Usually these locker rooms are accessible only by a key. In my experience it's mainly been the chicken haulers that have 'helped' themselves to our stuff. Also, in our hub the loaders like to sneak packages in to steal the contents and flush the packing down the toilet which causes a weekly blockage.

    3. Your suspension should not have been served automatically and not without a warning letter in place for the same offense (see your local sort rider grievance procedure for clarification). If it was inappropriate, you need to file a grievance for "termination unjust and unwarranted" asking for back pay for those two days.

    4. I would ask your business agent to have a discussion with the feeder driver on how to appropriately handle problems between Union members in the future and if you are not satisfied with that response you may have cause to bring him up on charges before your local Executive board (see your locals bylaws for clarification).

    5. Sorry this feeder driver got on your :censored2:. We're not all pricks all the time.
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    What was not said here by Crowbar is that in addition to this, you must file grievance YESTERDAY! This is a no-brainer.

    AND, as I've stated many times before, NOW, the ball is in the companies hands. That is, when there is discipline meted out, THEY have to prove the reason, allegation, etc.

    Is there a sign on the door that says, "Feeders only"? Were you ever provided a copy of "restricted" areas? Were you ever TOLD that was restricted? The list goes on and on.

    This info is only provided as further impetus to get this done now and make the company work for it.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah pretty much a no brainer, fight it.
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    I don't usually do this, but:

    I call BS.

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    Wait a minute. I didn't post it and you're not Upstate!! That's just wrong!!!!
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    I meant Suspension unjust and unwarranted BTW
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    If you were indeed reported by another union member, go to your shop steward, tell him/her what happened and that you want to bring the member up on charges. It is possible that the member will be expelled from the union and lose his/her in union card. In my state, that would also mean that the feeder driver would lose her/her job (cannot work in a union shop unless you are a member of the union.)

    Then, find out from your center manager which locker room you can use.

    I also ride and need a place to gear up. I wear shorts to work with riding pants and jacket over my street clothes.
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    You mean you don't have the gold key that has a helicopter to your own private island yet?
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    1st offense-verbal warning
    2nd-written warning
    4th-dismissile, bye-bye

    And stay away from that miserable SOB
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    I can't believe you were suspended for something that ridiculous. They never even warned you to avoid that area. File immediately and ignore that prick of a feeder driver who did this to you.
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    I'm also tending to think its BS. As everyone said, where were your warnings? There is a thing called Progressive Discipline.

    AND, in the event that this story IS true, you can tell the feeder driver to F off. There are no bathrooms/locker rooms that are for a certain group and forbidden for anyone else
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    Unfortunately some of them feeder drivers (and package car drivers) live in their own little world. Sounds like just another bitter old man. Pay him no mind. When he retires after 45 years service with no friends maybe with a little luck a light bulb will come on in his head and he will realize what an a-hole he was. (but I doubt it)
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    Has to be more to the story. Never heard of anyone getting ANY kind of discipline for using the wrong rest room/locker room.

    If this is the case, feeder drivers are required to stay out of non-feeder rest rooms/locker rooms????

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    I MEAN GOD HELP YOU if you touch the deck of cards on the table in the break room in Hartford !!!


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    Hmmm, no OP response yet? Interesting!

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    You are not allowed in certain locker/mens rooms in the building...and you are going to be disciplined....what friggin supervisor is pushing that, man you better file quick.I don't know of any labor manager that will hear that grievance.
    Must of been a slow night at your HUB and someone needed to show something for the night.
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    What if he is a black motorcycle rider in a white feeder driver locker room?! Is that allowed?!?!? I'm pretty sure segregation ended decades ago.