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    You and another guy unload a trailer in any good amount of time and sup averaged x amount and the averages are 1,000 and 1,000 and you know what a 2,000 piece truck looks like because you've worked in other similar operations, the time you did it in was like 40min and your trying to figure out how he figured out what he figured out because the math makes no sense....then you just say yes sir on to the next door. Is this what they call motivation? lie about the numbers so they think they really arent doing what they really are doing?
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    That is how they are trained. Supervisors only care about one thing and that is themselves. They are trained to get on to you for anything they can and exaggerate everything. I went to the bathroom and it took me five minutes, I even timed it, some how on supervisor time it equals 30 minutes. It's just what they do. The easiest way around this is just to say okay to everything and keep doing what you are doing. Whenever I was inside I just did however many pieces I did at my pace if they didn't like it tough cookies. If they said anything to me I just said okay and went on my way.
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    lol seems like ok translates to something complex to them, it seems to be magical.
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    If you get out of the feeder, on Preload, in 25-30 min., you should be fine.
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    We had to take staggered breaks yesterday. I took my break went into the break room for exactly 10 minutes came out and my supervisor said I was gone for 20 minutes. I didn't let it I said no it was exactly 10 minutes and we argued for five minutes. I may hate loading more than anyone in the world, but I don't take longer breaks just to f*** with the company.
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    You, sir, are not counting the time from when the supervisor thought about calling break, the time from when break was actually called, the time the Word was actually communicated to you, the time to walk to the designated break area, the time it took you to get ice and water because UPS (usually) can't put these in the break rooms, the time to walk from the designated break area, the time to walk upstairs to the restroom (because we can't have those easily accessible) on your way to your work area that you needed to use because you hydrated during your break time and so needed to void, and the time you spent thinking up excuses to challenge your Supervisor. You, sir, have stolen time and should report yourself.
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    yesterday, I unloaded 5 trailers 1.5 of them i did by myself but the rest with another unloader, they call break 30min into shift, we worked 3.5 hours. The fifth trailer was a full trailer of missorts that we had to send back through lol.
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    good job