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    The managing director, I believe that is the title, of our district is coming to our station to do an audit. I would like to ask a few intelligent questions as I know that nobody else will. My biggest complaint obviously is our pay. I need some good ideas on what to ask without sounding like an idiot. I'd like to hear about past experiences when asking tough questions to somebody besides a station or senior manager. Thanks.
  2. MrFedEx

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    Your MD will give scripted answers to all of your questions and concerns. He/she is fully aware you are underpaid and has been directed to blow copious amounts of smoke up your ass. Count on it.
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    Springstein? That's cool!
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    Pretty much this. Save your breath and go to your happy place...Its much less frustrating than listening to them skirt your questions. Even when you tell them all the hot air they just spent didn't answer your question and ask again they just rephrase the BS they spewed before.
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    The best one I've heard thrown at these guys is usually " why are couriers that have worked here for 5 years paid the same as a new hire?" There is no good answer to this question. Deflection is the usual route, but everyone in the room understands what just happened. Everyone that thinks about that question will have an epiphany that they are purposefully under paying. Even the dim ones get that look in the eyes like the heavens were just revealed.
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    Because of the reasons given above, you won't get a straight answer to ANY question. But, if you managed to ask a question......
    'Why is a courier that's been with the company (somewhere in the 15-18 range) years still not topped out?' would be a nice one. It would help if someone in that meeting was one of those people.
    Any question about raises would be answered by 'A lot of companies didn't give raises' or something about the company not doing as well as they thought.
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    This. Either scripted answers or he/she will say I'd be more then happy to talk to you one on one after the meeting is over and then will blow you off.
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    Our MD is really a decent guy. But the amount of say he has in getting any change is fairly negligible. Unless the ship is truly sinking and those in Pittsburgh can feel their peril nothing happens. We had the privilege of hosting several vice presidents in our building and they seemed sympathetic to our concerns and seemed to have them as well. Nothing has changed for the better though so I'm taking peak off this year.
  10. Cactus

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    Nothing will change.

    Count on it.
  11. bbsam

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    If it falls apart it then it will be too late.
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    Your MD will lie right to your face and then try to make you feel proud that he is gracing your with his presence.
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    You are learning, Grasshopper.
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    I have always said I was a mercenary. Did you not know what the term meant?
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    It will be the same old song and dance. BS on a silver platter. The best option is for no one to ask a single question. Simply stare at them with a look of utter contempt.
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    They always do. I believe they're required to attend a week-long "How To Convincingly Feign Compassion and Empathy" seminar bi-annually.
  17. Cactus

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    Don't you have any idea what a dog & pony show is?
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    I know what a mercenary is. I'm referring to your new dawning of consciousness regarding FedEx. You're no longer much of a cheerleader for the team. Many of us see the difference. When you can snatch the Service Guide from my hand, it will be time for you to go, but for now, you still have much to learn about the ways of Fred.
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    Oh if you had seen the memo I had in my hands just 20 minutes ago.... The one that said, "...this is not something to be discussed with drivers or ISPs." I hope someone from Memphis or Pittsburgh is reading this right now.
  20. bbsam

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    There is no "new dawning of consciousness". It is simply that the company wants to be cheaper than I am willing to go. I am exercising the right to walk away above the threshold. Should they decide my services are more valuable than what they think now, I will be happy to take their money. It's a freedom not all are in a position to capitalize on.