The Califate has started.

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    Scary stuff, for sure. The "religion of peace" shows the world how peaceful it really is.
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    I completely agree. We're talking about Christianity right?
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    ORLY!?! Master Loader - Protester shot in stomach after raising hands in the air

    This next one is extremely graphic, uploaded two days ago when all this started to happen. - Egyptian policemen killed inside their police station by muslim Brotherhood *Graphic*

    People dont want to believe it, but this is the start of a world war. This is a chain of things to come, all over the muslim world. And before we know it, the jews will be targeted in a great scale of attack. This is where the wheels will turn and create the war of all wars.

    The califate has started, be prepared.
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    In a sea of sectarian hate and religious extremism, this boy shows a profound understanding of civil liberties and the separation of mosque and state.
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    I'm pretty sure a lot of Americans cant even say or know half of those things today.
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    1. Its "Caliphate" not "Califate".

    2. The Muslim Brotherhood no longer enjoys majority support in Egypt, and its extremist views are what motivated the Egyptian Army to overthow it in the first place.

    3. During the revolution 2 years ago when Mubarak was overthrown, the Egyptian Army refused for the most part to open fire on civilian protesters, and it was Mubaraks orders to do so that were the basis for his arrest and trial by the Army.

    4. Many of the officers in the Egyptian military have received training in Europe or the USA. They tend to be secular and anti-extremist in their views, they have been fighting against terrorists in the Sinai Penninsula for some time now, and they do not have any desire to go to war with Israel.

    5. Egypt currently has normal, if cool, diplomatic relations with Israel and is the only Arab nation other than Jordan to not be technically in a state of war with them.

    6. Egyptian Coptic Christians, who comprise approximately 10% of the population, are currently being terrorized by Muslim Brotherhood supporters and their only real chance for safety is if the military stays in charge.

    7. People tend to forget that many European nations, as well as the United States, had to fight their own civil wars before finally coming to a peaceful solution, so it may very well be that Egypt will have to experience the same thing. It is also important to remember that much of the instability and sectarian warfare going on in the Middle East has its roots in the arbitrary "line in the sand" boundaries that were drawn up by the British and French colonial powers after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Many of these lines were drawn without regard for existing tribal or sectarian regions , and as a result they created "countries" where dissimilar enthic and religious groups were forced together in a manner that doomed these nations to a future of dictatorships, sectarian violence and many cases made even worse therough the constant meddling in their internal affairs by outside influences motivated by a need for cheap oil.

    In my humble opinion, the people of Egypt (as well as the rest of the region) are probably better off if the military stays in power for the time being.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with what the boy is supposedly saying, but here is the problem.

    I dont speak Arabic and I dont have any information about the group that posted the video, so I have no way of knowing the accuracy of the translation. I also have no way of knowing if the boy is saying this of his own free will, or if he is reading a script. The video is also heavily edited, which calls into question whether or not his statements are being taken in their proper context.

    It would be interesting to see what an impartial Arabic translator thinks of the video. Its probably a long shot, but do we have any BC members who speak Arabic?

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    True...Michael Moore is a master at editing to support his position.
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    The interview originally made public by Egyptian newspaper elwady, was edited and posted by You can look around their website and make an opinion on their agenda for yourself. The video was no doubt heavily edited for time and effect, and it is possible the child was even coached on what to say, who knows.

    What is clear, is that there IS a group of people there who appreciate and understand the importance of separation of church/mosque and state... people who denounce the shameful abuse of religion for political gains and power grabs.
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    Its spelt correctly in both ways.

    Let us not forget that 80% of the worlds oil goes through the Red sea, which Egypt will take apart in if things get out of hand. We had the situation in Libya, and the civil war in Syria. Its a hot bed of things to come in the muslim world. It almost seems like one effect after another. Push after push, and it will all come down. We are looking at 8, 9 and on up a gallon of gas. We are looking at the US and other countries having to step in to deal with this huge problem.

    Also, not to forget, they are killing unarmed civilians, at first. They opened fire on protesters, now some of those people are firing back. A civil war is coming to Egypt. The brotherhood is doing their part to make sure it happens. As for example... - Injured Egyptian Brotherhood cought with fake wound?

    As for the child speaking, I thought the same thing as well. It would be great for a youth at his age to speak like that, but I questioned the video as did you. He is just speaking, and english subs added in. He could be saying anything, as in blaming all this on Israel. Most of the muslim world hate the jews with a passion. Just because they have good relations with them doesnt mean the people have issues with the country.

    Futhermore on the video, there has been similar occurrences with video from this part of the world. And of course its for the agenda, since muslims cant do wrong ever. Yet their propaganda, all over, is rampant. As this video states, which their propaganda is the same as the nazi's.

    Nazi propaganda & Muslim propaganda are the same thing - YouTube

    The cogs are set in place. The world is going to have to deal with these problems sooner or later.
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    1. 80% of the worlds oil flows thru the Persian Gulf, not the Red Sea. Egypt does not border the Persian Gulf, hence the instability in the country will have no effect on the oil flowing through there.

    2. Any attempt by any nation (Iran) to try to block the outflow of oil thru the Persian Gulf will be crushed by the US Navy and allies in the region.

    3. Violence and turmoil in the Middle East has being ongoing for many decades now. What has changed is that that colonialism by the British and French has ended, as well as Cold War-influenced meddling by the USA and the Soviet Union. The era of dictators being propped up (and torn down) by outside influences is coming to an end. We are seeing revolutions being initiated by the people, and the widespread use of the Internet, smart phones, Twitter, Skype etc. means that firsthand information about what is actually going on is freely available versus being controlled solely by government controlled media.

    4. Extremism is extremism and terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the religious affilliation of those who practice it. 2 billion Muslims worldwide didnt kill anyone or blow anything up yesterday. There are Muslim nations such as Turkey and Indonesia that are powerful, stable, politically secular and allied with the United States. Blaming the entire religion on the actions of a few extremists makes about as much sense as assuming that the Ku Klux Klan or the Irish Republican Army represent mainstream Christianity.

    5. The lines on the map of the Middle East werent drawn by the people who live there. Perhaps its time for them to be redrawn. And perhaps we need to just stay out of the way and let them figure it out like we had to do back in the 1860's.
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    If every single person in the USA drove a car that got 40MPG, we wouldnt need to import a single drop of oil from the Middle East. And if gas did cost $8 or $9 a gallon, the free market would create an even greater demand for hyper-efficient vehicles, hybrids, electric cars etc and perhaps then we as a nation would start making rational choices as far as the vehicles we choose to drive and what we chose to fuel them with. I for one have no interest in getting involved in yet another bloody war in the Middle East so that some fat ass can keep on filling up his SUV with cheap fuel.

    Google "Volkswagon Lupo". This is a car that is available in Europe. It can get up to 80MPG on one gallon of renewable biodiesel. Why arent such cars available here in the USA? Why the hell arent we all driving them? Rather than "stepping in" to deal with yet another "huge problem" in the Middle East, maybe we should step up and take steps to end our addiction to the cheap imported oil that motivates us to "deal" with problems that arent any of our damn business.
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    Ah yes, the Persian Gulf. You're right, I had a mix up on the facts there. Yet there are oil rigs out in the Red sea. Theres also bombings going on to the pipe lines in the region of Iraq. As is said, this situation could spill over to other countires. As it has before with the arab spring.

    And yes, the muslims keep blaming others for their problems. Its themselves at first, then the christians and next it will be the jews. When indeed it was the muslim brotherhoods doing.

    Yep, the new age of tech has brought a lot of this to a head. And actually knowing what is fact and fiction is a toss up. One day its because of this and the next day its a whole different story. And thats where the tech gets in the way of the truth, because reports are coming in mintue by minute.

    As for your post about the Euro car, sure sounds nice. But thats the problem on any new car out there. When the Prius first came out, I wanted one because of the MPG. But I often wait to see if the specs match up. The Prius ended up having a nickle battery, which in 3-4 years when depleted has to be changed. Yet, the cost of the battery isnt a standerd 60-100 dollars, its a 2000$+ battery change. So you save on gas, sure. But the maintenace cost are threw the roof.

    Im not against bio, electric and so on. What Im against is the specs and cost of repair and so on. It could be true that those type of cars that get great MPG will stop us from importing. But what will people find out in the long haul. Was it a mistake to get this car because it ate up the gas savings on maintenace?

    In the end, people will always return to their SUVs and compacts. As I noticed seeing Prius cars quite often a few years ago. I dont see them as often now.
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    The reason the 80 mph diesel car isn't in the USA is because of our stupid tight EPA restrictions. That's the only reason.
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    And the government who makes those restrictions is the same government who has a vested interest in maintaning the status quo--gas taxes and a bloated, never-ending military presence in the Persian Gulf. The idea that its OK to drive around in a 10MPG Hummer while banning a VW Lupo that gets eight times the fuel mileage because it "pollutes" too much is utterly ridiculous.
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    I drive a 2012 Prius, and my wife has a 2012 Prius "C".

    The battery pack on the Prius is waranteed for 8 years and 120,000 miles so your statement that the batteries need to be replaced every 4 years is untrue. In reality, it is quite common for the battery packs in Priuses to last well over 200,000 miles and there are quite a few 10+ year old Prii that are still driving around on the original batteries. Last year when my wife bought her Prius "C" (the compact version) she was on a waiting list to get one, and in reality these cars are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. I see many Prii being used as taxi cabs, which is hard use for a car and a testament to the overall reliablity and cost-effectiveness of these vehicles. One other factor to consider is that the cost of battery replacement is offset by the increased longetivity of the engine, transmission and brake systems on these cars that is the result of the electric motors and batteries doing a significant portion of the low speed work.
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    I really like those hydrogen cars. The cost of them right now is steep. But the only pollutions are pure H2o.

    The websites claim that biodiesel is much cleaner then gas. Yet, they made the same claim to ethanol. Studies have shown that ethanol pollutes twice as much as gas does. They can claim its clean, but does futher study into the subject prove otherwise.

    There was a study done with motorcycles. The claim was that cycles were cleaner then cars, seems legit. Yet the study proved that the cycles produce a different type of pollution then cars. What is called hydrocarbon, which is worse for the environment.

    We can claim this and that is cleaner and cheaper to use. But to what effect will it have on us and others.