The Contract is In Effect!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownShark, Dec 21, 2007.

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    National Contract, All Supplements and Riders Take Effect
    December 19, 2007
    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is pleased to announce that members covered by the Western Pennsylvania and Local 804 supplements have ratified those agreements.
    The terms and provisions of the new National Master Agreement and all supplements and riders have now been approved by the members and are in effect.
    On behalf of the negotiating committees, we thank you for your efforts to negotiate and secure ratification of the UPS National Master Agreement.

    Ok, its official. The contract is in effect NOW.

    Lets see how long it takes the company to enforce its new language.

  2. freeloader

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    I thought it didn't actually go into effect until August 1, 2008. As of right now it should only be "ratified".
  3. brett636

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    A few provisions go into effect on Jan. 1, 2008 although most of it doesn't go into effect until Aug. 1.
  4. govols019

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    By "few" he means everything but the raises.
  5. trplnkl

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    All I have heard first hand...ok, second hand is that anyone ready to retire must work at least one day in '08 to retire under the new language. We have a 33year driver that has waited out this peak to retire under the new language. He's tired and ready to get out. Can't say I blame him one little bit. We will probably have three of four thirty plus retirees in '08. I'm happy for these guys, they have suffered enough. Besides that, it helps my seniority standing.:happy2:
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    I am not sure your level of understanding of contractual language, but let me help you out.

    ALL NON ECONOMIC language is in effect NOWand the ONLY language to go into effect on AUG 1 2008 is ECONOMIC language.

    This means pay raises and pay schedules.

    Everything else is a go. From hiring new employees to firing old ones.

    Route bidding, grievance processes, discipline and health and safety.

    I am still amazed at those who dont understand this.

    The UNION gave back 8 months of our current contract, why is there so much confusion over this?

    Only our pay and pension contributions go into effect on Aug 1, nothing else.

    All employees should understand, and read the new contract.

    Ask your locals to provide you a printed copy of the new contract as soon as possible. Most locals will try and delay the printing of this new contract for at least 5 more months, but as members, we should all demand an expedited printing process to insure all members are informed and know of specific language that directly affects them in their respective classifications.

    Trust me, their are still a few MOA's and MOU's that we havent even seen yet in our respective locals.

    Stay informed.

  7. Fnix

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    What are some new things we should see that stand out/help us now in these first few weeks?
  8. cardboard_man

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    I'm in central states and my question is when to we let them know if we want to split our option week into individual days off.We were not able to do that under the old contract.Nobody (management or union)knows how to handle this but since our option week is our first week off I told them they better figure it out fast.Also can these days be taken anytime during the year ,(except for peak of course) or is it just may 1 to may1 like our 2 optional days.
  9. Fredless

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    I'm going to make the best of that double time of sups working come wednesday when I go back to work then.
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    The newly ratified contract states that all vacation checks have to provided for viewing 1 pay period prior to the vacation.

    For those that are on vacation the first week of January, you can file a grievance monday morning, unless of course they showed you your check last friday...

  11. steamroll

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    well brownshark
    in the contract of 2002-2008. we waited 2 years, 2 late. the so-called delay was from local 104 in arizona & a former shop steward call them & said the secretary treasurer(396) said mr. marshall was the hold up & i think he let mr H have it.:smart: