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    I have tried to read over the whole union contract but I have other things going on where I don't have time and I take other friends advice.

    My big question is in a place regarding the contract where it refers to the order of seniority in sending people to other locations. An example is, lets say I was on a load belt and I was sent to another there is some kind of order that seniority dictates right?

    Where can I find it?

    Thanks for the help.
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    The contract is indeed a long and complicated animal. I don't know the answer to your question but can suggest that your union rep is the best person to ask.
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    If you are under the Altantic Supplement which covers Locals 22,29,61,71,171,175,322,355,391,453,505,639,697,or 992 then you would find in Article 48 Section 1 "Seniority ,as measured by the length of continues service with the Company shall previl at all times." It states as well "Seniority shall be broken only by discharge, voluntary quit, layoff for a period of (3) years from the date of last employment." You find in Article 63 "The Company will recognize seniority within the work group when it becomes necessary to temporarily move part-time employees to another. Employees must be qualified to perform the work." It states as well "In no event, may employees displace other employees who have not completed thier assignment." If you are not under this supplement then you may have one under your supplement that may cover part time service. They follow this process as well for full-time inside work as well. If you are part-time and you have been in your job for over 30 days then you are part of the work unit. If they are moving you to another area and they have a part-timer in the same unit as you and they have less seniority then that person is to be moved, not you. That same process must be followed if you are in a unit with all full-time inside as well. But in may building the BA has agreed with labor that if a one full-time employee with less company seniority is in the work unit with all part-time and then part-timers who have higher company seniority then the full-time the part-time still gets moved from the work unit. The BA told all shop stewards in my area that full-time out weights part-time seniority no matter what.