The "grand bargain" is a lie

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    The Grand Bargain is a Grand Lie | Common Dreams

    President Obama has proposed that the Grand Bargain include $4 trillion in savings. He has said over and over again that the ratio would be $3 in spending cuts to $1 in tax increases. This is before his legendarily disastrous negotiating begins. So, let's do some quick math. According to the president's own plan that would be $3 trillion in spending cuts, which is significantly higher than the current plan of $1.2 trillion in spending cuts.

    Let me add one other fact, if all you do is let the Bush tax cuts expire for people making over $250,000, you would already have $1 trillion in tax increases. And we were told because of this election that was already non-negotiable. That's what we fought to make sure would happen and the president has guaranteed it. So, what exactly do progressives gain out of this Grand Bargain?
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    Excuse me but did Obama not make many promises leading up to the 2008' election only once elected he did everything but keep them? And you believed him again?

    Counterpunch yesterday has a piece entitled "10 Myths About Obama and the Democrats" you might find of value in reading. Even Chris Hedges calls it for what it is.

    And poor Cenk, he started out the campaign cycle with so much promise, even proclaiming his own opposition to Obama and yet as time wore on, he fell right back into old habits. But in all honesty, I'm not sure if that's Cenk or Al Gore with a tight leash.
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